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sugar intake and svr

Is there some correlation between sugar intake and svr? I am not a big sugar user, but the hot weather goes so well with frozen yogurt during the times I don't feel like vomiting. I was also wondering the same thing about carbs.
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I have read posts from others who find cool food items, like sherbets, fruit bars, ice cream are palatable.   Too much sugar is not good in general.  Don't want to mess up the pancreas and insulin production.   I worry at times about getting diabetes from this tx.  Diabetes on one illness I prefer hep c over.  At least there is tx for hep C.  I was eating more healthy before tx.  Now I just try to eat what make me feel better.  Cool desert items are on top.  I live in the desert and it's 110 outside.  Of all the reading I've been doing, nothing about SVR and diet.   Just eat along with the riba, with some fat.  Now after tx I may be more seriously looking at foods that help my liver or hinder it.
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Hi Dave,

I think as long as you’re metabolizing carbohydrates properly, there shouldn’t be any issues. If not, there might be some concern with insulin resistance and its relationship with sustained response.

Do you have a family history of diabetes or any problems with it yourself in the past? Type II diabetes is usually associated with how we metabolize carbohydrates; we develop resistance to our own insulin; the stuff we make doesn’t work efficiently any more.

There are tests like the HOMA IR that can quantify insulin resistance, and a simple fingerstick test can check your blood sugar.

And I tend to agree with pcds; diabetes is a b!tch to deal with; I’ve had to manage it for over 8 years now, and it’s always in the background nagging at me :o).

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I have no family history of diabetes. My glucose has been a little high. 99-107, but the trial nurse told me the A1c test was normal. I don't know much about the A1c test but she said that is the true reflection of developin insulin resistance, is that true? my glucose seems to have crept up over the years. I have changed my eating habits and lost weight because I have early stages of nash, some macrosteatosis.

Are you able to control your diabetes with diet?

- Dave
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I used to eat those frozen fruit bars from trader joes like they were going out of style. I have really changed my eating habits. We get older and probably too little too late we react.
- Dave
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Protein is essential to rebuild tissue. I found that once I started making sure I had protein with every meal (not a whole lot, but some) I started to feel better. I didn't feel like eating it, but I didn't feel like eating anything. Maybe the feeling better was a coincidence, maybe not. I honestly feel like it helped overall. Bear in mind that people with cirrhosis need to be mindful of where they get their protein from and how they can end up with too much ammonia because of it. But those of us who don't have that kind of liver damage don't need to worry.

Once I thought about it, I realized it made sense that with the onslaught of the tx drugs and how they seemed to be breaking me down that it would be helpful to have protein to build myself back up.
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I agree about the protein.  I keep unsalted, roasted almonds around for light frequent protein.  Also used sometimes to add some fat to what I eat with riba.
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