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svr 12

Finally SVR12. Hard to believe but it's true . I took the chance to by  generics from China because I had no other choice and thank God it worked. I want to thank the people on this forum for all the support and the information . I am hoping that everybody will find cure one way or another. I am (was) geno 1a, whith 6,5 mil vl
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Good for you!  So how much did you pay for your drugs from China and what country do you live in?  I saw another thread where somebody else was talking about this same idea.  And what drugs did you take for genotype 1a,  Daclatasvir and Sofosbuvir? What gave you the idea to take Daclatasvir instead of Ledipasvir?  I heard about somebody else doing the same meds, just wondering b/c Harvoni is actually Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir but I'm guessing you know that.  Was your Daclatasvir cheaper than the Ledipasvir, just wondering how you knew it would work?  Did you capsule the meds yourself?  Share your story please, it's interesting stuff???
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Well sof+dac is usually recommended for genotype 3 but is equally good as ledipasvir for geno 1 according to the early trials. I found the information needed from an Australian man called Greg Jefferys and his   cooperative Dr. Freeman . They created a byers club for generics in Australia because the situation there was similar to Europe. No insurance wood pay the price asked for the new drugs. I exchanged a few emails with Greg  and he directed me in a company called Mesochem in China. At the time the Indian generics where not on the market.So out of desperate need to be cured I took the chance. I contacted Mesochem deposited 1228 dollars in their bank account and in 5 days time FedEx delivered the magic box to my door. 40gr of sofosbuvir and 6gr of daclatasvir equivalent to 100 pils each . The cost of sofo+ledipasvir was 1880 dollars. Then I bought a digital scale and some empty capsules and you can guess the rest. In few days I new that the staff was the real deal and not some expensive Chinese sugar. End of story SVR12.
I have great admiration for this guys because they didn't surrender to the greedines of the big pharmaceutical companies and sowed the way to people that have no access to the new drugs. Indeed evil thrives when good people do nothing.
P.S Harvoni price went down in Australia to 1/10 of the price asked before and everybody there has access now trough insurance.
glad for you for getting to SVR!
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Glad you shared your story!!  Yeah, I read on Greg's website that some people are taking the Daclatasvir because of absorption issues with Ledipasvir, meaning if you're on antacids you may want to take Daclatasvir  I gotta find out more information cause I'm on antacids, which I don't have to take every single day but I'm gonna have to do something about it.  I've already tested how often I need my Protonix and it's like once every 3 days.  I've heard nothing but good about Mesochem, and their price for the meds keeps dropping as they need to stay competitive with all the Pharmacies out of India and elsewhere popping up daily.  All this is really good news for this fight against HepC!!  Thanks for sharing your information and many congrats on your SVR!!
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