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svr and alcohol

Hi everybody,
I need your advice and some help. I had 1A type, fibrosis 1, portal inflammation stage 2 before treatment. I had 1 year peg&riba treatment. Now I am 1 year svr. So, the question is next: Can I occasionally take some alcohol (not lot of it, just like small delight)? Second question is: What do official studies say about svr status?When can I consider my hep status cured? After a year svr or after 3 years svr?...I would appreciate your answer very much. Thank you for your effort and advices,
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This is one of those personal decisions that cause debate around here for sure.

Personally my doc told me after treatment I could have maybe two glasses of wine a YEAR for the rest of my life, that I shouldn't ever poison my liver again as it was damaged and would continue to be potentially if I did.  So I don't PLAN on drinking at all.

Big change for alcoholic/addict that I am that I even CARE about my liver at all.

I guess that is a good thing.
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As far as alcohol, my GI said to never drink alcohol again. Can't answer the other questions.
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You caught a break and a gift. Take your cure and live your life responsibly.
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Recent thread on same topic: http://www.medhelp.org/forums/Hepatitis/messages/41568.html

Personally, my doctor allowed me 3-4 drinks a week after I was non-detectible one month post treatment. I was a stage 3 before treating. Congratulations on your SVR!

-- Jim
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I'm gonna out on a limb here -- and since limbs often break maybe I should put my crash helmet on :) -- but from a number of recent posts on this same never controversial subject ;) it *appears* to ME that those that specialize in the liver and hep c (hepatologists) seem more liberal in allowing alcohol than gastroenterologists (GI's) or  general practioners.

-- Jim
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So, instead of taking alcohol (obviously occasional alcohol drinkig is not good idea, right, anyway I dont use alcohol already 4 years so I will not miss it) can I use marihuana? Occasionally of course, just to relax and nothing more.
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I think the concept is, it's your liver. Alcohol is a KNOWN poison to the liver in all forms. If you want to POTENTIALLY damage your liver further...drink.  If you want to make SURE you don't contribute...DONT.

I don't know that pot is as bad as alcohol but I would think in just being responsible and realizing that liver damage is a serious thing...I'd keep ANYTHING down to the absolute bare minimum possible.

The people who do drink are going to tell you it's Fine. The people who don't are going to tell you it's not.  Who's right? I have no idea but logic tells me...it ain't good for your liver so avoid it if possible.

Does that make sense in a non-judgemental type way?

Trying to just give you an honest reply and not one that is driven by my own personal desires.

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Smoking is not good for you liver either and marijuana is illegal in most places so be very careful if you do.

My gastro said I could have a glass of wine every now and again with dinner after my treatment if I reach SVR.
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do what you wish, as long as you do it in moderation. Many hepatologists do not ban alcohol for SVRs. In my opinion, if you are SVR, have mild damage and no substance abuse problem, you should be able to handle occassional drinking. Those tropical frozen drinks at the Cheesecake Factory are heaven, as well as the margaritas at my favorite Mexican restaurant.
there are many other things that tax the liver, and we continue using them. It is an amazing organ that can withstand a lot. Just don't abuse it.
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Alady:Smoking is not good for you liver either and marijuana is illegal in most places so be very careful if you do.
Good point about smoking. I think sometimes we fall prey to over simplifying things like "drinking is bad for the liver" and forget the big picture which includes a whole complex of lifestyle issues/choices such as diet, weight, exercise, smoking, etc. Drinking in defined moderate quantatites actually has been shown to have cardiovascular benefits. Of course, and this has been repeated in other drinkingthreads, if anyone has had a drinking problem in the past, that's a different story because there could always be the risk of relapse.

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Cuteus: Those tropical frozen drinks at the Cheesecake Factory are heaven, as well as the margaritas at my favorite Mexican restaurant.
Thanks for so poetically pointing out that there can be life after SVR :)
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When I get svr I had planned to resume my old drinking habits - about a six-pack a year.  I might change that to a five-pack a year and a Cheesecake Factory tropical drink.  Sounds good.
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