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symptoms of Hepatitis C

what are all the symptoms associated with Hepatitis "C"
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The only sympton that everyone with Hepatitis C shares is a positive result on the Hepatitis C viral load test, often referreed to as a "PCR".

Beyond that, many are asymptomatic for decades until significant liver damage occurs (which it may not), while others may demonstrate a variety of symptons which I'm sure others will chime in with.

Just keep in mind, that many of the symptons associated with hepatitis C -- like fatigue, depression, joint problems, etc -- are also very common in the non-hep c population as well.

So while studies suggest those of us with HCV as a whole may have a higher incidence of some of the symptons, on an individual basis it's very hard to know whether what you have is being caused by the virus or whether you'd be that way anyway.

Hope this helps and btw there are no doctors here.

-- Jim
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There are way too many potentials to list out.

google and look into hepC - as Jim said the only way you will really know if you have it is to have a PCR test.  It's just giving blood.

I had no symptoms AT ALL for the last 25 years but I had it anyway and never knew.
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My first symptom after I had chronic hep. C was extreme fatigue (especially in the morning). I had no symptoms when I had acute hep. C.
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if you are looking for extrahepatic symptoms:

if you are looking for hepatic symptoms, you could google ESLD or cirrhosis.
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I had a bout of acute pain all over my body before I started treatment.  I couldn't lift my arms or walk for a week and I was hospitalized.
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Hey everybody , thanks for such a quick responce ! Yes I have been diognosed with Hep."c." geno type [1 a] since 2002. I had a biopsy three years ago and it was moderate fibroses . I was woundering if anybody else has insomnia associated with it ? I'm still milling over the realities of treatment.I'm a 56 year old man.I have all the symptoms mentioned and then some . I take colloidial silver,Phyllanthus [milkthisle,dandelion and phyllanthus mixture]and Alpha Lipoic acid.I exercise and I've lowered my stress level as much as I can . I drink alot of water.no alcohol,drugs or meds.Alot of the time I feel pretty good but it does catch up to me sometimes. I'm scared ,the treatments seem so severe.Do you folks think it's time to do it or should I track my hep. for awhile longer,maybe another biopsy? What do you think ? ,,,,,,Thanks,,,440Visitor
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The decision to treat can only be made by you and my best advice is to educate yourself as much as possible ad read anything and everything you can about Hep C and extra hepatic manifestations to help you.
Keep in mind as we age, our ability to bounce back and to handle treatments of any kind lessens simply because we are older. This is why younger people with Hep C clear the virus more readily and seem to have fewer issues with the virus and the treatment overall. That ist to say some dont have a hard time of it but in genera youth is our friend when it omes to deaing with heath problems. Hep  damage to your body is progressive and can be difficult to "see" but your fatigue is telling you something. Glad you found the forum and have joined us here.We al know what you are going thru you have our support.
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The two tops for me are Brain fog and fatigue. The fatigue most get is not the tired feeling that most people get from lack of sleep but sometimes tired to your core fatigue. I am not like this daily but sometimes it seems more than not. But as Jim said it varies from person to person.

Do you currently have Hep C? if so,
Are you currently involved in any type of treatment?
What geno are you?
Have you had a biopsy yet?
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please stop the colloidal silver, it can harm more than help.
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I also have heard some pretty bad stuff about colloidal silver. I did a lot of research on alternative treatments and that is one to steer clear from. Keep in mind alternative's won't cure you but may help QOL a little.
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You know I've ask the samae questions to so many other people. I have pain in my right side alot. I have mega problems sleeping along with night sweats. Fatigue is a mad fight everyday. I guess everybody is different when it comes to symtoms. But I've had this curse for 22yrs now but found out about five years ago. And my husband has c and b. So I guesss I'm luckier than he is.
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440visitor??  how did you get hepitis C?
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Open to anyone who wants to discuss skin issues beyond riba rash or riba rash for that matter. Warning: the talk may be rough and tumble at time, including abuse to both dertmatologists and cats :)

I'll check back later...
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I forgot to mention, that during rosacea flares, the over the counter triple antibiotic ointments are very helpful.

BTW, those 2 pics about steroid rosacea, that's exactly how mine look like. But like I said, what a difference 6 weeks make.

You should have seen me the week I was waiting for my 6 month PCR. At the same time I was waiting for Subaru to buy my lemon back, and every day of waiting added a dozen welts and pustules to my face and neck.
Subaru bought the lemon back, and the PCR came back neg, but the flare left so slowly, I needed some help with the big 'no no' again.
Since then I have been able to keep things under reasonable control.
How did you do while waiting for the fax to churn out the word undetected?

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Whoops. I just realized you posted twice. I only read your second (shorter) post, so I'll go back and read the other, then respond.
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Hi Jim
I think I am going to pick up where I left off 6 weeks ago.
I wanted to consult with another derm, but haven't done so.
I dropped the Amoxicillin from 1 gram to 500mg quite some time ago, and the rosacea didn't getting any worse on the lower dosage.
I plan on staying on this low dose Amoxil till at least X-mas.
I am so pleased that the blepharitis almost completely resolved on this low dose. That alone is worth staying on it, and just maybe a 250mg dosage would suffice. Of course I continue with the baby shampoo and the ophthalmic ointments.
Doing the opposite of what "Big shot" suggested seems to be working the best.
Rosacea??? Well I am making progress, no question about it.
My big discovery was the over the counter "Redness Relief" line from Eucerin. That was an instant hit, and from that day on, it has been 2 steps forward, and one back. I bought the cleanser first, and saw impressive results within a week, and then I got the whole line, moisturizer, sun block, and this little stick, which really covers up individual red spots.
On my bad days, when things really are flaring up, I come back to the prescription cream Atopiclair....remember, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory cream.
What I find interesting, is the fact that Atopiclair and Redness relief are all licorice based.
I just recently bought in my fancy healthfood store Licorice powder, and plan on making a paste, and applying it to some of those resistant rosacea spots.
I still use the Comfrey tea after washing my face, and prefer that big time over the chamomile, even though chamomile has been touted as the big anti-inflammatory.
I also continue using the Johoba oil. I apply it over the Atopiclair, or over the Redness relief moisturizer.
I find that dryness brings out flares, and continue to use some Johoba oil during the day.
Half of the Lanugo hair has fallen out, and with it those nasty fat balls. So the fish scale skin is improving.
I expect by next spring to be in good enough shape to laser all those broken blood vessels.
Seborrheic dermatitis??? making small progress there too. Still using Head and Shoulders, and doing the same on those areas as on the Rosacea. The Loprox cream turned out to be a disaster, so both, cream and shampoo found their way into the garbage.

Still running around with an umbrella, but the face mask has been washed and folded away...hopefully never to be used again.

I am in the club 9 hours a week, and the results are impressive.
Should be able to go paddling by next summer, and x-country next winter, that is if my skin will cooperate.
I have more sleeping difficulties now then on tx, and more cognitive issues now then on tx.
Focusing, concentration, motivation, short fuse, abnormal stress responses, generalized anxiety, mild derpression...all remain a challenge.
My endo and I agreed, that I was well on the road to becoming diabetic. Two month ago I went on a ultra low carbohydrate diet, and in conjunction with exercise brought the triglycerides down to 112, and the fasting glucose to 97. The diet excluded all breads, cereals, rice, pasta and potatoes. Now I am on a 60gram carbohydrate a day diet, and we see if I can maintain those numbers.
I was always afraid that tx would leave me with diabetes, since I have a predisposition to it.
My Albumin remains way above 4, and except for the platelets, all  has returned to pre-tx levels...of course with improved ALT's, Albumin, etc.
Fibrospect shows me late stage 1, and Fibrosure stage 0. Without a question, I reversed 2 stages during the last 2 years of tx.
I still have liver pains, not as severe, and not all the time, but it's there.

Talk to me about laser for the rosacea, what did you find out.
How is your mental state, how is life trating you...can we ever leave this behind?

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Ok. Sounds like you found a few things that are working for you, and that's great you're able to do gym work.

Interesting, my triglycierides are way up as well. Hard to tell if it's my currently bad diet or treatment, but they seem higher than ever before. My glucose, however, remains normal, but I read there is a test where you drink something sweet and then have blood drawn. Do you know how they diagnose pre-diabetes if your blood glucose is normal?

As far as the mental, I tried Wellbutrin for a day or so but didn't like the way it made me feel. Lately, I've been sleeping a lot, and pretty deep. Hopefully, this is transitory and my body recharging itself from so many months of light sleeping. My weight, physical strength have returned to normal.

As my hep doc says, I'm almost two years older, so at some point one has got to make the mental shift from "hep c linger sides" to "this is the way I am". I think I can do it because I knew I had liver problems for close to 40 years prior to treating and I was able to just incoroporate it into a baseline without ever dwelling on my liver. Hopefully, I'll go back there, and in the process probably start hanging around here a lot less as part of the process, speaking of which, if you respond and don't hear back right away, I'm not ignoring you, just not around.

But would like to hear your thoughts on the diabetes thing. I will bring it up to my doc next time. My dad did have type II diabetes and I def have some components of the metabolic syndrome -- high cholesterol, high ldl, low hdl, high triglicerides, above normal bp. Oh, my doc will probably put me on Lipitor later this month. I could probably avoid it by going on a better diet and exercising more regularly but for whatever reason haven't had the discipline lately. Maybe that will come. Glad you got that car thing resolved.

-- Jim

PS You know I'm SVR to 5 IU/ml. ALT 17 I think and AST 21. No liver pains but then again haven't had them for 20 years. Post treatment fibroscan and Hydraulic Acid sp? blood tests put me closer to stage 2 as opposed to stage 3. That is reassuring. I had a mid-tx Fibroscan which was maybe 3/4 of a stage higher. I'm supposed to have an MRI or Ultrasound every six months but haven't had one in a year and a half  so probably should get on that. Albumin 4.8 and Billirubin Total is .45

As to laser, IPL seems to be the choice although not technically a laser. Some also use V Beam for some areas. But hard to tell soemtimes if the doc is giving out good advice or just promoting his money making machine. Still have to look into this some but will probably do something for the veins at some point and maybe for the flushing if it gets worst. One problem with IPL -- for men that is -- is that they can't guarnatee it won't affect the beard area on occasion I sport a beard, mustache, etc. Therefore may have them do only nose and cheeks. We'll see.
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My papules and pustules were never as pronounced as in the picture, however I did have significant erthyma (redness) as well as flaking. Flaking was from the seb derm.

First, I haven't used a topical steroid on my face for at least a month. And, if you were smart you'd try to stay away from them as well, especially if you think you had steroid-induced rosacea per the pictures.

My current regimen for Rosacea is:

Mornings: Topical consisting of Clindamycin, Zinc Oxide. It's in an alcohol base (Sebanil) but doesn't seem to irritate now that my skin is relatively calm. They said this is for the rosacea (Clindamycin is an antibiotic) but I think it also helps the seb derm. It was rx for face but I use it all over face, forehead, and neck. Even used it a little on uppper back when I had a minor breakout of something or another.

Evenings: Alternate one night of Sulfacet (tinted) -- rosace areas only (nose and cheeks) but avoid forehead as it seems too irritating. Next night I use Metrogel 1% in same fashion.

Spot applications: If I see a pimple forming, I'll do a spot application using cutip or finger with OTC Rezamid, an acne medicine that doesn't contain benzo something or another which is bad for rosacea. Might use this up to three times a day but be careful because it can burn and break the skin if used too often. Best to start with once a day. I'll put this on first after washing face with Cetaphil Soap.

Seb Derm:

If I see flaking I use Elidel Cream although I think the other stuff has been helping the seb derm but hard to be 100 per cent sure.

General skin routine:
1. Wash face with Cetaphil bar soap
2. Apply meds and let soak in 10 minutes
3. Apply Cetaphil Lotion (or cream) moisturizer in morning, but not at night.
4. Sunscreen if sun is strong and I think I'll be out.

So far have held off on any oral antibiotics and IPL or laser treatment. Still looking into lasers.
As far as triggers are concerned -- they seem to be sun, heat, hot coffee, alcohol, simple carbohydrates, strenuous exercise, stress and getting sick as in a bad cold. I've more or less avoid sun and heat but the rest have bothered me at times. I'm going to try to go without coffee this week as more erythmna this week, possibly because I sat in the sun the other day for twenty minutes without a sunscreen. Sort of an experiment. As far as exercise, I'm trying to build up gradually so it's hard to know how I am still reacting to it. Haven't pushed things close to the limit yet -- but am up to 30-40 minutes in the mild aerobic range (pulse 100 -130)in an air conditioned gym. All weight work is standing or sitting, not in the prone position. May try swimming this winter and see how face holds up the chlorine. Last time it didn't, but face was quite raw then.

Not sure if you're still on oral antibiotics or what, but if your face looked like the pictures, again, be careful of topical steroids. As I mentioned upstairs, I used Cutivate to knock things down, but since then have maintained the skin with the regimen above. I would think that regimen -- or something like it -- plus antibiotics should do the trick, but one thing I've learned is that rosacea is different for everyone, even the triggers, and you have to experiment with different treatments.
Have you looked into IPL (intense pulsed light) any more?

There is also a doctor called Bitterman ? in PA who appears to be a rosace expert who uses retanoids (Retin A) but my first doctor said to stay away from it because it can further irritate the skin. You might want to google "Bitterman" -- he is against all forms of topical steroids. He also invented Retin A so might be partial in that respect.
Overall, my rosacea has gone on a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being similar to the pictures) from a 7 to a 3 although the past few days it's maybe like a 4.5, I think due to too much hot coffee, a few drinks, some ice cream, unrefined flour, etc. Or maybe it was the stress waiting for my PCR, very hard to tell although frankly I didn't feel much stress with this PCR (well maybe the 2-3 days preceding) because my 3-month was negative.

Another thing I might look into but probably won't get around to is biofeedback and/or self hypnosis for flushing. The other night, my forehead and face felt very hot -- probably due to some coffee, stress, etc -- and I tried to 'cool' if off with some mental exercises. Not sure if it worked as I feel asleep :)


That's pretty much it from my end. With summer almost over, I'm hoping my face doesn't get irritated from the cold like it did last winter -- and that next summer will prove better as more time will pass from the tx drugs. As I said, there's still oral antibiotics and IPL/laser in my back pocket if things don't get better. Actually, if things would stay the way they are (looks pretty normal, hardly any itching, no burning or "tightening" as before) I wouldn't be concerned, but the problem is avoiding all those triggers -- especially sun, heat and exercise. Three things I don't want to have to keep avoiding.

-- Jim
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I just came home from a labor day concert, and it's late.
I be back tomorrow and answer.

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I am new to this site, and I am having a hard time figuring out how to navigate through it. I would like to talk to others, share & learn from each other.

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Looks like you are doing just fine.
Best to scroll to the top, where you find more recent posts.
Down here at the bottom, old timers with specific problems congregate, or people who want to chat and joke about unrelated hepC stuff.
Welcome to the board.

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I want to go in order here, because you have written so much.

I am interested in the Clindamycin,Zinc Oxide...what is the name of that stuff, and who makes it? Is it an ointment or a cream?

Metrogel stopped working for me, and Big Shot said that happens frequently. I tell you, his whole approach stunk, the only thing I walked away with from that office, was his NP's prescription for Atopiclair, that has been very helpful.
So much for big doctors... nothing but Botox, face rejuvination, chemical peels, and stuff like that. I'll see another derm before the year is out, but so far he can take no credit for my Rosacea success, that schmuck.

Here I cap my routine again:
1 Wash face with Eucerin's Redness Relief Gel
2 Put strong comfrey tea with cottenball, and dry in front of    
3 Apply Atopiclair, or Redness relief creme (depending on how
  many spots there are, more spots Atopiclair, less spots Redness
4 After everything has been absorbed, JoJoba Oil
5 If lots of inflammation, I use over the counter Triple
  antibiotic ointment

Still sleep on baby blankets, and wash them, as well as towels every day...nothing gets used twice.

Triggers...stress, sun, not applying JoJoba oil frequently enough during the day, chocolate, and one of the worst offenders, not washing my face before going to bed, which happens rarely, but occasionally a nap turns into an all nighter, and bingo, here come the spots.

Exercise causes no flares. I am not at my target heart rate, far from it. The stress test tech said for my age (60), a target rate of 137 for 20 min is disirable. I hope to get there by X-mas, just don't have the leg power yet, hanging around 95 for 20 min presently.
Our pool does not use chlorine, they use bromine or bromide, somthing like that, and the water is not blue. It's supposed to be not as drying, and not so harsh on the bathing suit. But I am far from swimming, good grief, you can't touch my face without the skin hurting, nope, far far from it.

Coming back to the 2 pics...I looked more like the lady in the first picture, but she had the welts on her chin, while mine were mostly on the cheeks, and around the eyes (right up to the lashes), and up to the hairline on the side of the face.

I haven't concentrated on IPL or V-beam, because until inflammation remains under control for several month, and until all Lanugo hair and fat **** has fallen out, I plan on not doing any laser. But let there be no doupt, it will get done, because I can't stand looking at all these broken bloodvessels.

On a scale of 1-10 (10 looking like in the pics), I have gone to 3-4, occasionally for a day or two, even down to 2.
What is amazing is, that within a couple of days I can go from 3 to 7, and back down to 3, never knowing what caused the flare.

Yeah, aren't those cloudy days a delight. Just think, in a few month we can run around without worries, and my umbrella can collect dust.

In regards to glucose etc.
My triglycerides rose during tx to 220, and remained there post tx.
My glucose was very normal before and during tx (fasting 80-90),
but started rising immediately at end of tx ( 95, 100, 102, 104), that is when I became concerned, and endo as well.
With type 2a being the one most prone to developing diabetes,
HLA DR3 pos at 21.5%( which predisposes me to all auto-immune diseases ), and 2 auto-immune diseases already under my belt,
the trend towards diabetes was becoming obvious.
There is always a window of a number of years, during which a pre diabetic ship can be turned around. Insulin resistance does not happen over night, there are plenty of warnings, unfortunately most doctors overlook them.
That glucose challenge test is being used less and less.
The numbers for the  A1c for a non diabetic have been revised, but many labs don't follow suit. A1c for a non diabetic should be around 5, for a diabetic, who is well controlled, below 6.
My endo was voted best of eastern WA state. He demands strict adherence to prescribed regiments. He wants my A1c as close as possible to 5. With 2 month of strict no bread, no potato, no rice, no pasta, no ceral, crackers etc, I got an A1c of 5.7,and the triglycerides down to 112, but more work needs to be done.
What I am saying is, in my case the diagnosis of pre diabetes was a judgement call, and I fully agreed, which you know is rarely the case.

In your case, if the fasting glucose is well below 100, but the triglycerides are high, you may be able to bring them down with diet and of course exercise. But since you run elevated cholesterol as well as HDL/LDL, you might not bring all of them together down. If I were you, I would give the very low carb a shot (low fat,low sodium as well, you know the spiel) and test every 3 month. If things are not budging after 6 month, I would remain, but a bit more loosely on a low carb diet, and add a statin. On the other hand you passed the stress test well, so you are not clogged up yet.
You can run a carotid artery echo, as well as a peripheral artery scan, and if all is clear, gamble that you make it to 80, even with somewhat elevated cholesterol and triglycerides.
I think with some motivation, you might bring the Tri down, but you see what drastic measurers I have been taking.
Btw, my cholesterol, HDL& LDL have been in very good range, before, during, and after tx. That shows you, that in my case this whole sh!t is strictly tx related.
Elevated lipids and B/P may or may not indicate the beginning of full blown metabolic syndrome.

I am realy not an expert on diabetes. I have forgotten what I had learned, and not kept up too much with the new stuff.
But I am convinced, that the first year post tx, is the year during which our bodies undergo major changes, readjusting to so called normalcy, and that things can go bump during this time, that can afflict us potentially life long.
It took my eyes up until recently to shed the blurriness, my facial skin has long ways to go.
Some new hair just started coming in last month, I have a difficult time to stabilize my thyroid (4 Synthroid adjustments since stopping tx).It took my stomach 5 month to be able to tolerate 250mg of Vit C again, the list goes on and on.

So take care. I ascribe all my present problems to tx, except the osteoarthritis in my lower back. The theory that's all aging   holds no water with me. Of course I aged, a few more grey hairs, a few more wrinkles, little more flabiness, little more forgetfullness, a little more of this or that...no problem, it's plain old age.
But this cognitive stuff I am having now has squat to do with aging, nor any of the other symptoms I talked about.
Hope nobody comes along and challenges this, because I am not debating the subject.

You said:
Post treatment fibroscan and Hydraulic Acid sp? blood tests put me closer to stage 2 as opposed to stage
Do you mean Fibrospect, which measures Hyaluronic acid? Don't know of a separate test.

My 9 month PCR is coming up the middle of Oct.
Yep, it's exactly a year ago that I told you I was never going to talk to you again LOL.
I wonder if your shrink told you how to deal with b.....s like myself, but you found a way ;)

PS I know all about the statin bad for liver stuff, but would still not dismiss the statins. It's that old risk-reward game, you know it by heart.
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1. Clindamycin -- my derm sold it to me but it's avaiable by rx or not. You could use the Zinc Oxide with it or separatly I guess. Clinda comes in an alcohol base but I think that's dry the oil from skin which I think is good, at least for me. In fact, not sure if it's the clindamycin or alcohol that is helping. I may purchase an alcohol-base cleaner (Sebanil) for at least my neck and oily areas on face.  I also find the rx Sulfacet very good an non-irritating -- a good substitute for Metrogel. Sulfacet comes tinted and non-tinted. The Rezamid (OTC) is good for spot treating of pimples. Your triple antibioitc ointment is probably similar to clindamycin and metrogel.

2. How much Jajoba oil do you use? Currently I'm experimenting with Linda Sy's Vita Oil which is basically Jajoba and some vitatimins. I got it in a sample pack. http://www.lindasy.com/cgi-local/SoftCart.100.exe/?E+scstore
What I do is just barely drop or two with some water on my wet hands and spread it on my wet face so just a trace goes on. Then pat dry with towel. I only use during day not at night.

3. Current glucose is 85. Tri's are 337. Cholesterol 225. HDL 30.
My cardiologist has already discussed Lipitor and if looks at these numbers (I'm seeing him in a few weeks) he'll probably tell me to get right on it. I could probably bring things down with a better diet but don't seem motivated enough these days. I don't ever remember my Tri's being that high before treatment. I did have that neck scan a few years ago and they found moderate blockage which cardio said is not unexpected given my age. My nuclear stress tests remain normal but that doesn't mean much except probably won't get a heart attack within next year. The males in my family are pretty cursed by heart disease and both my father, uncle and first cousin all had first heart attacks and/or bypass surgery by their mid 50's. I'm 59. Fortunately, my younger brother (55) seems to break the mould as he had a recent angiogram which showed no blockage. However, his diet is pretty extreme. Anyway, from what I can tell, I have metabolic syndrome -- high chol, low hdl, high tri's, high bp.

4. Take me through the pre-diabetes thing real simple.
A. You said the glucose challenge test is being used less and less, expand if you're able.
B. What tests then are recommeded for pre-diabetes, etc?
C. What type of doctor do you see about this? I suppose I'll start with either my GP or Hepo but neither seemed concerned last time since my glucose was 85.
D. What is "A1c"?
E. What about those glucose monitors they sell at the drug store for diabetics I guess. My brother suggested getting one and seeing how my glucose does during the day. They seem pretty inexpensive and a possible way to test. Any thoughts?

5. I used to be on the "Zone" diet 40-30-30 -- where 40 per cent of calories come from carbs, 30 protein and 30 fat. This is a fairly low carb, high protein diet relative to the way most folks live. It's also low calorie -- around 2000 a day for someone who weighs around 160. When I was on the diet around 10 years ago, I had more energy and my total cholesterol dropped while HDL went up a bit (that's good) which is hard for me. Tri's were very good also. The two problems were: (1) my brain felt a bit speeded up and writing (my profession) became more difficult. I don't write well even after a cup of coffee. Carbs are known as "brain" food and at least for me it seems to apply. I need a "calm" mind. LOL. (2) My ALT and AST elevated from what was close to normal on a higher carb diet, lower fat, lower protein diet. Part of the reason my have been because I was exercising harder on the Zone diet but hard to tell. In any event, that's why I got off the Zone and back to eating more carbs. I suppose I could try it again but frankly -- even though this is illogical cause once the virus is gone it's gone -- I'm a bit reticent to do anything that might monkey with my liver enzymes right now. Maybe some sort of compromise, not sure here. Have you done liver enzymes since you switched to a low carb diet?

Interested in the pre-diabetic stuff first, so if you want to break up the reply maybe you can do that first. No rush on the skin reply because as you know these treatments are quite mecurial.

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Digesting your post, and be back tomorrow.
You may want to find us another post, as this one has moved down to the end, and may get zapped soon.

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