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symptoms of Hepatitis C

what are all the symptoms associated with Hepatitis "C"
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The only sympton that everyone with Hepatitis C shares is a positive result on the Hepatitis C viral load test, often referreed to as a "PCR".

Beyond that, many are asymptomatic for decades until significant liver damage occurs (which it may not), while others may demonstrate a variety of symptons which I'm sure others will chime in with.

Just keep in mind, that many of the symptons associated with hepatitis C -- like fatigue, depression, joint problems, etc -- are also very common in the non-hep c population as well.

So while studies suggest those of us with HCV as a whole may have a higher incidence of some of the symptons, on an individual basis it's very hard to know whether what you have is being caused by the virus or whether you'd be that way anyway.

Hope this helps and btw there are no doctors here.

-- Jim
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There are way too many potentials to list out.

google and look into hepC - as Jim said the only way you will really know if you have it is to have a PCR test.  It's just giving blood.

I had no symptoms AT ALL for the last 25 years but I had it anyway and never knew.
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My first symptom after I had chronic hep. C was extreme fatigue (especially in the morning). I had no symptoms when I had acute hep. C.
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if you are looking for extrahepatic symptoms:

if you are looking for hepatic symptoms, you could google ESLD or cirrhosis.
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I had a bout of acute pain all over my body before I started treatment.  I couldn't lift my arms or walk for a week and I was hospitalized.
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Hey everybody , thanks for such a quick responce ! Yes I have been diognosed with Hep."c." geno type [1 a] since 2002. I had a biopsy three years ago and it was moderate fibroses . I was woundering if anybody else has insomnia associated with it ? I'm still milling over the realities of treatment.I'm a 56 year old man.I have all the symptoms mentioned and then some . I take colloidial silver,Phyllanthus [milkthisle,dandelion and phyllanthus mixture]and Alpha Lipoic acid.I exercise and I've lowered my stress level as much as I can . I drink alot of water.no alcohol,drugs or meds.Alot of the time I feel pretty good but it does catch up to me sometimes. I'm scared ,the treatments seem so severe.Do you folks think it's time to do it or should I track my hep. for awhile longer,maybe another biopsy? What do you think ? ,,,,,,Thanks,,,440Visitor
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