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what are the symptons of hepatitis c
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I had hep C close to 30yrs and never had a symptom. Most people don't have them. I went to give blood, thats how I found out.
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The best indicators of a hepatitic c infection are the results of very specific lab tests.  If in doubt....test.
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Symptoms commonly reported by persons with hepatitis C include:

Flu-like illness

Indigestion - gastrointestinal reflux disorder

Irritable Bowel syndrome

Muscle and joint pain    

Myalgia is muscle pain or aching

Night sweats

Depression, mood swings

Fatigue - mild to severe

Abdominal bloating



Numbness in extremities

Mental confusion / 'brain fog

Itchy skin

Dizziness & peripheral vision problems

Liver pain

Cognitive dysfunction

Shortness of Breath

Loss of appetite

Visual Changes

Chest Pains

Chills Fever

Facial Puffiness

Female Problems (irregular menses, severe PMS)


Yellowing of the Skin Jaundice

Loss of Libido

Spider Nevi

Swelling of the lymph nodes
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I have had Hep now for close to 20 yrs, and did not start having symptoms till I reached stage 3 of this liver beast! Now I have the symptoms some not all as copyman described.
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Just to clarify, the list I posted are symptoms you "can" have. Not everyone will have these symptoms. Some will have none, some a few.

Like a few others posted, they had no symptoms. That is why this disease is so nasty and hard to eradicate. It is sneaky and reproduces at such a fast pace.

Eventually the battle that goes on between your immune system and HCV will cause you to feel symptoms. The most common being fatigue & joint pain.
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You hit it straight on , the fatigue and joint pain are the worse!!!
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