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I have a q for anyone who would like to share their experince with Hep C.

What was your first symptom?  Dark urine/light stool/abdominal pain etc.  

Also, if you know hcv was transmitted to you, would you share that with us?

Thanks to all and I will say a prayer for all the brave 'heppers' at Mass tomorrow.
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When you mention "dark urine/light stool, ect",  you're generally talking about the acute stage of the infection which closely follows the date of infection. In general, most people do not have an acute stage and therefore never have these symptons.

That said, I was one of those in the minority and did have a symptomatic acute stage including: dark urine, white stools, jaundiced  (yellow) skin and eyes, EXTREME fatigue, and probably some other stuff I have long since forgotten as it was almost 40 years ago.

Lately, I've read that having a symptomatic acute stage is either a positive predictor for SVR or associated with a slower rate of fibrosis --- forgot which. So, I guess there's some consulation, other than knowing you have hepatitis right away, which most people don't. Of course, in my case, they didn't know I had Hepatitis C, because 40 years ago it hadn't been 'discovered' yet.

-- Jim

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Are you in treatment now or ,I hope, have gone through treatment and now have 'Svr?'

just curious.
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I didn't have a single hep C symptom in 20  years.  I did have symptoms in my acute phase back in 1985 but there was no such thing as Hep C back then so nobody  knew it was actue hep.  I was on chemo for Leukemia at the time so they just passed it off as a chemo problem for me.

genotype 1a, Stage 3, Grade 3
finished tx 4/13/07
hoping for SVR in September
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I did have an acute stage about six to eight weeks post infection with dark urine, extreme fatigue, no appetite, light stools but no jaundice.  it was not as bad as a hepatitis a infection i had at age nineteen, 28 years previously, but getting close to it.

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I'm another minority report. I had a classic case of acute hep, with the full options package. Before I finally turned bright yellow, I was literally sleeping under my desk at work. Fatigue dores not begin to describe it.

Like Jim, my acute stage was in the 70s and long before HCV was described. I was dxed with HepA [infectious hepatitis] and treated in an infectious diseases hospital.

Digression: If you think there is a stigma attached to HCV, try being THE REASON that everyone in your office has to go get massive shots of gammaglobulin in their righteous arses. Now THAT's stigma!

I'd had no specific symptoms aside from elevated AST/ALT which was always put down to 'nothing to worry about' by the Drs that saw it. Fast forward to 2005, when my wife's Dr saw soem old labs of mine and insisted that we find out why the elevated enzymes. Turns out I had NO antibodies to hepA, and a nice juicy case of HCV with a VL in the 25,000,000 range. We now know that the acute stage was in fact the begining of the HCV infection.
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Absolutely fascinating.  Everyone has a good story to tell.  Thanks to all.
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