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I have sore tongue, headache ( maybe stress), and constant itchiness. No other current syptoms other than constantly look flushed, not yellow though.

I kissed and gave brief oral to a guy (gay), no pre *** or ejaculation.

I have had clear tests for HIV and EBV,

Are my symptoms suggesting I got Hep? and is likliehood transmission via Saliva. My partner is displaying similar syptoms and awaiting some test results. Should I activly request Hep testing?

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have sore tongue... I kissed ... oral to a guy (gay) ...constantly look flushed,
Lucky partner, but I doubt if you have Hep C. As to "constantly look flushed", try and take a breath every once in awhile :)

-- Jim
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HepC is bloodborne virus.  You cannot get it swapping spit, and there does not seem to be evidence that it is transmitted via ejaculate unless there is some type of bleeding on, around or inside the genitals.  For instance, if he has open sores on his wee wee and he wants to ummm.... play bill clinton with you, and you have open sores in your mouth, or bleeding gums, well... maybe then you could catch it.  (How likely is it that all of that would happen?)  Anal sex is thought to be a little more risky in terms of transmission.  But still, it's estimated that only 1% - 3% of people of everyone infected by hepc was infected while having sex.

Using each other's toothbrushes or razors, if tiny amounts of blood are deposited on them, can cause the virus transmission.

All of that said, to me, your symptoms do not seem that indicative of hepc, but I'm not a doctor.  I do remember that when my gall bladder got backed up the bile began to seep out internally and it caused me to itch horribly all over.  If you want peace of mind, go ahead and get yourself tested.  But know that hepc is only transmitted via blood, it is not transmitted via saliva.  Kiss away.
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