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  if symptoms do occur..does "dark urine and light stools" will be the most likely to occur?,anyways,i will have my test after 4 mos. as evryone said,4 mnths is the right time to be tested.
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yes that seems to be a common symptom of hep c.
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I am not sure who advised to wait 4 months, but I would test at 8 weeks and then again at 6 months after exposure.  This site explains how antibodies are produced, the type and the general length of time for production:http://ntri.tamuk.edu/immunology/abproduction.html.
  You would have manifested symptoms, by now, for hep b, since it has been about 8 wks.  Hep c might not manifest ANY symptoms for years, some people have an acute phase and some don't seem to notice if they had one. No one can tell which symptom will manifest itself and in what order.
Ask your doctor when to test. Friends are not the ultimate source for that advise.  Please call him/her this week.
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Getting close to the 48 wks and I have hinted to both the PA and hepatologist about extending TX.  They are not very inclined to do it.  Anyone knows receptive drs in tristate area (NY)? There is only one study I could find, done in Israel, only 9 pts who actually did complete 72 weeks, the other study mentioned here the other day had no one actually completing that much time.
To me, even if it is only 9 people, 8 completed, 1 relapse, it is good odds.  I don't think my practice will see it that way.  I rather do 6 more months than another 48wks.  
Name names please!
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I am not sure if you have insurance and how good is it, but if you don't want to wait for full antibody production( ranges bt 3 to 6 months with 97% showing by 6 months) maybe a test to detect the actual organism presence can be done. You can be an emotional wreck "feeling" every symptom by the time you get the test results. Personaly, I would test now for some piece of mind and again later.
  More sophisticated tests were developed for HIV, because recently exposed individuals donating blood, could still contaminate the pool before antibodies were detected. I am not sure what they use in blood banks for hep c.
What hep does your BF have?  Are you making yourself sick with worry?
Even if you test + for hep c the earlier in the infection you treat it, the higher the cure rates.  as for Hep b, if no signs have shown by now...it is a good sign.
Try not to think so much...

take care
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Sorry I haven't made a link here. To much to think about. There are a couple other studies so I think others will post them. I don't have them handy but if I don't see them I will see if I can find them. Did you clear at 12 weeks? I don't think docs are recommending extended tx unless you did not clear at 12 but did at 24 or if you have any liver damage. I think you'll hear from others. I'm with you though, if it adds a slight extra chance I am going for it. I did not clear until my 24 week test but did have a 2 log drop on my 12 week so my doc is ok with it. I don't have liver damage and I am a G1. LL
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TY for that link, Unfortunately that is another study where they did not extend the tx beyond 48 wks, they suggested that extension could increase svr. Why hasn't anyone but Israel done a 72 week study yet?  aaaggghh!
I had a 376,000 pre tx vl and 5970 at 12wks, not sure what log drop that is, but I  think 3760 would have been the 2 log. what  is the margin of error, i wonder? Doc still said no, even if a slow responder, said not enough data to justify extending.  I will ask again, but really need to start looking for back up.  My damage fortunately and unfortunately is stage 1.  Ty for prompt answer. be well
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