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I'm thinking about getting a tattoo and was woundering if I could? been on treatment 13 weeks of 24.... It wouldnt harm anything will it?
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While I'm not positive and I know there are others that will chime in here. I believe you might want to wait as the healing time is much longer because of the treatment.  This is why they want you do any surgery before or after treatment.... not during.
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Yeah, that is something I would avoid..Healing time would be longer, and chance of infection higher.
I'd wait.
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are you bringing your own ink and tools? I would not risk getting re infected with HCV or any other blood borne virus.  Plus, you could still be harboring virus that will infect the ink bottles if this place reuses them, another person could get infected. Chances are low, but it can happen.
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Well, for me tattoos are out.  It was a tattoo that gave me hep C back in 1997, so I'm the wrong person to ask.  The problem is not in the tools used but in the gun.  After every use the gun needs to be taken totally apart and cleaned and many don't do that.

It's your choice but I'm againist it.

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If you are on treatment you are still infectious even if you have an UND PCR there could still be virus in your blood that is one BIG reason not to get one, you could give Hep CC to others so please so tattoos. Everyone mentioned slower healing times which is very true, that is another reason. Also some tattoo parlors are  exposure points for Hep C too so when your treatment is over if you do decide to get one be VERY careful, you could get Hep C AGAIN.
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When you mentioned the tatoo a while back as the source, I wondered but didn't ask - what is the tatoo design?
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