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tcm (traditional chinese medicine)

Hi Ya"ll, Hope everyone had a great holiday. I haven't checked in for a little while. I took some time to regroup and sit back and figure out my next step as a nonresponder.My last posting was on if anyone had any experience with chinese medicine. Acupuncture and natural herbs. I found a MD, PHD chinese doctor in my area who is a specialist in immune disorders, hcv, cancer, people who are on chemo- interferon, I have been recieving acupuncture and herbs. He has an in clinic natural herb pharmacy, that he prescribes and mixes fresh herbs, He is the real deal with 21 yrs. in practice. He is working together with my Hepotologist to build my immune system to it's optimum before round two of interferon if and when I have to. I see him once a week. After two treatments all blood work is back within normal limits, accept ast is a little high.I feel great lots of energy. After research on tcm,they have been treating hcv for a long time.My diagnosis is liver Qi stagnation,Hepatic viral toxin stasis accumulation,Qi immune deficency. His practice is to treat with tcm to build the immune system before starting treatment, and it helps greatly with the sides during treatment.There is a alot more to chinese medicine than I realized.I am hoping that this Dr. can keep this virus under control until a better drug comes along. Blood checked once a month and pcr every three. If any one has more interest in details of my labs, and my choice of treatment, I would gladly post them . Dr. Yuxin He Austin, tx. This year is gonna be A great one.
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I think there is a lot to be said for TCM, and would be interested in your lab results. I am taking a formula by John Tindall (UK expert) called Adjunct, which is hopefully going to help me with the sx when I start treatment in a few days. I will let everyone know if it seems to help.

Is there anyway to prepare against anaemia from the riba? I have low ferratin apparently and would like to try and build this up a bit, as they don't use procrit etc here in uk, just dose reduction,

thank you all for being there, and knowing so much, while I lurk in the shadows!

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I don't think there is any way to shore up against the anemia.  We HAVE to avoid IRON and that would be the thing that might help us.  

The BEST thing you can do for youself is monitor your CBC CLOSELY and get your Epogen or Procrit approved and in place beforehand.

You are finally going to get started! You must be a wreck like I was but I've found the worse part was my imagination beforehand! (Although the anemia was GOD AWFUL...it was FIXABLE so that is a great thing as it keeps you able to do treatment).

Hang in there and be happy - pretty soon you will be SVR and looking back and going hey that wasn't so bad!  :)
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thanks for your support! Yes - I am pretty stressed about starting tx - worrying about becoming the mother from hell mostly!!! I wish I could get the anaemia drugs lined up, but my hep nurse tells me that it is not used in the uk, just dose reduction or transfusion!!!!! Which I would rather not do, is procrit used routinely there? Guess I am in the wrong place ;-)

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Please folks think back when you first found this site. If every time you tried to ask a question and it read "try posting again at a different time" you would soon give up and move on. Anymore its like a race to see how fast the threads can be open so were not being fair to any new people that have hepatitis C and are looking to have their questions answered.

If you go into the "terms and conditions" then click on "rules for posting questions", rule number 8 states only 2 questions in a 6 month period. Now i haven't seen that rule enforced here by med help and i can see where some of us need to ask questions more often. But we also need to understand new folks need to be able to use this site also.

Please don't take this the wrong way but try to understand this is a forum for all and it wasn't even noon today and all threads are gone so if anybody comes here for the first time they can't post today, so were not being of help to those that was like we once was that are scared and looking for answers.

Now i know those that are long time members here know this has never been like this before so maybe you can explain it better then me.

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Yesterday we had two thread for the entire day because of either someone maliciously opening and not posting OR from ignorance (which is one thing we are trying to get rid of right now).

I'd rather have threads open then have NONE to post with whatsoever.

Unfortunately we are getting used to hunting down for topics as it has been NECESSARY and not by design.

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Riba + iron defienciency = anemia. All of us on tx do not have excessive iron stores, this is something that can be charted on your bx and by getting blood tests. Most docs recommend not taking additional iron during tx. Sometimes you will find anemia enabled due to iron and/or B12 defiency.   Peace
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That's funny Jim - Hep c topics only.  Wouldn't that get boring?

Chev -- I have the same problem with scanning posts.  Sounds like we agree tho.  Hey --- I wanted to say something to you.  You shaved your legs 2x a week on tx????  Heck - I only have to do it twice a month.  That seems to be one of the positive benefits of tx -- of course, a lot depends if you tx in shorts weather or not....
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Hey, I am one quarter pure Bohemian -- my mother's mother was born there.  The rest is plain jane irish, english and scottish (altho my dad denied it all but the scottish).  

Yes, sad about the hot stuff.  I bought my hubby some chocolate fudge syrup with chili powder in it.  Ate it one time on my icecream and have not done it again.  Pretty bad, for living in TexMex country.
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Are you willing to share what specific herbs are in your formulation?  Or do you even know?  I began taking a TCM product called Nu-Liver back in April.  A liver function test a couple of months later showed a significant (20%) reduction in ALT/AST.  However, another test a month ago revealed a very dramatic increase in both enzymes.  It may have been due to some over-the-counter products I was taking, but I've decided to go off of the Chinese herbs altogether so see if my LFT's stabilize.


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I never saw this happen before, you are right.  I wish med help would have an explanation for those who click on "post a question" and find themselves "speechless" when the window opens. I think they should explain that there is an 8 thread allotment, that it is suggested that only 2 should be opened in a 6 month period by a member to give the opportunity to newer members, and that if the thread is closed without a question, it will be lost.  A simple explanation, might save the threads.

Also, keep in mind that the threads have been shortened, and they fill up quickly. If chatting is needed, on a day where few threads were opened, perhaps IM could be used? I do wish MH would place a little usage tip somewhere in the post question window.  
What you are asking does make sense.  Perhaps waiting until after noon, to use the unused threads might give a better chance to a new person, instead of rushing to open threads first thing in the morning? you are asking for a little consideration, and I think most folks will see it that way.
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Hopefully Jmjm or Vegas will come along and summarize their experience with the Chinese regiment.  It seems to me that both had serious increase in the ALT and AST and had to stop.  Since yours is a little higher, please have it tested frequently.  I know nothing of the Chinese herb method.

On open threads, I think I have been guilty of checking to see if there was one and hitting the back button, not knowing that used it up.  Sorry.  It did not happen often, but it did happen.

On open threads in general -- another thing I would add to what Can do says -- when you first come to MedHelp you read a lot in the archives.  Without clear topics, there is much valuable information missed because you may not check those threads.  -- Not that I am saying we must always stay on topic, but it does help having a topic in the title.
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Herbs --

At least half-dozen people including Vegas, CTON, DanceGirl?, myself and others I can't remember -- have posted recently that a rise in liver enzymes was associated with the use of herbs. Others, like Tallblonde, have had the opposite experience. From my own personal experience, I shy away from them now but if you do decide to try them -- do a lot of research, start conservatively, keep your doctor in the loop, and make sure your liver enzymes are monitored every 2-4 weeks after you start a new regimen.

Posts -- I agree, it's chatotic enough when even the subject-specific threads have multiple topics. I'd leave some threads open for new people and those who feel they want to start a topic. Frankly, I was thinking of opening a post titled "Hepatitis C Only topics" the other day. LOL.

-- Jim
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