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testing period

I just got my hep C test results today. I tested negative. Blood was drawn today, which makes it almost 8 weeks past exposure.
Do you this result is safe? Or should I retest?
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First it depends on what test you had ran as to the lenght of time that will determine if it is conclusive, IMO you are worring for nothing but if you want to know about proper testing procedure and lenght of time needed to be conclusive, follow the links below and read about it.


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What did the doctor say? What do you think?
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Well I did not see a doctor, a went directly to the testing center. I did not get any council there.
What do I think?.... I don't know. In some places I read it takes 3 month to get a conclusive test, in other up to 6 months.
That is why I put this question on the forum.
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Should I retest at 3 months and consider it conclusive?

Yes or have a PCR ran and be done with it.
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Is there any value to my 60 days test? .

Yes but you are so paranoid that you won't accept it so do what you feel you need to to be comfortable.
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There appears to be a pattern of unprotected sex followed by an obsessive concern of exposure.  Is this related to the original post or something new and unrelated?  Safe sex would be strongly advised in your case.

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I'm sorry for the paranoia. Hep C is new to me in terms of education so I just wanted to get the opinion of people who know these things better than me. And I was also looking for reassurance, I admit that.
I am happy that you bring me good news. I don't like to keep on testing. I think this was sufficient.
Thank you
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No. it's not related. This was a new situation.I leaned something from the previous one. But apparently new lessons where to be learned now.
I almost always have protected sex. This time it was an exception because it involved a person dear to me, that I deeply cared for.
I hope it makes sense...
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You should make an appointment to see a doctor, it will ease your mind...but it sounds like you really want to do a PCR and it seems like that will be the only thing to ease your mind, so maybe you should look into that...although if the Hep C tests keep coming back negative, it really seems like a waste of money and time
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If this person is dear to you, someone you care deeply about, perhaps you know that person's status relating to HCV infection?

You say "past exposure" - you know this person to be chronically infected with HCV and decide to take risks anyway?

I really don't think anyone here can help you with that one...................
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I almost always have protected sex. This time it was an exception because it involved a person dear to me, that I deeply cared for"

(OCTOBER 2011) After all ...I was covered in vaginal blood, which I think is more infectious than simple vaginal secretions...."

That particular post is from October so you really, really do need to learn to wrap it up dude.  Not to be rude but.......how many risks are you going to take before you have to admit you brought it on yourself? Almost always have protected sex that is like saying almost always use a new syringe.  

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My prior post was related to an event that happened much earlier this year. October was only the date of my recent posts on the topic.
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Regardless of when this happened you need to practice safe sex and consult a doctor if you're still worried.  There's nothing further that anyone can do for you here.  
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Actually, you posted a few days ago with another situation identical to the October one.  That thread was removed.
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The post from a few days ago was related to the same situation as the one in this post. I don't know why it was removed.
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