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thanks for all advise on what to be eating

the thread closed before i could get on the computer to check it out. i have heard so many different opinions but here i have been eating lots red meat ,high protein diet, limited caffeine and cut way back on smoking!!! i was told high protein,low fat etc. by a former friend who went through the whole tx then cleared 6 months,now relapsed and is bad. let me tell you i love when fruit and veggies are in season...i eat salad and use vinegar or vinegarette dressings..i heard vinegar cleanses the liver...i absolutely hate fish and seafood...i know i am weird but can't or haven't found any type i can choke down,maybe because i have a fish tank ?? lol..i can choke down chicken,but would rather an organically ,no hormone or antibiotic juicy 1/2 lb burger on the grill with garden lettuce, fresh tomatoe,onion mmmm.. why should we avoid red meat? i do soy ocassionally now cut way back on that..cut way back on diet coke a weakness of mine,i found that bryers vanilla bean,and chocolate do not effect your blood sugar hardly at all. tested all brands even low sugar,etc. but only these 2 flavors. any suggestions on maybe a type of fish that doesn't taste real fishy?..no kidding i gag when i try to eat fish...been feelin good since off the psychotropic drugs and out of system...i see shrink tomarrow and maybe stay off for awhile to see how i do..he is willing to try the ones you suggested 52tele.thanks. and paris47 where are you??
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The red meat...especially cooked rare = IRON and as you know being a good source of IRON we do not want it because iron promotes viral replication.

Try to avoid things that are big in iron you know? And don't eat out of cast iron skillets if you can help it.

I love nothing more than a big juicy hamburger nice and medium rare...but have only let myself eat a half a med/well done burger a few times.  It's torture but I don't want any help replicating virus AT ALL!

Have to call for my TMA results in a minute...what a wreck that stupid virus better not be back at ALL or I'm going to leave work and eat a whole steak!  hahahahaha.

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Hi, hope your doing well today. I think the reason they say to stay away from protein is, it is hard for the liver to digest. The only fish I found that was not fishy is orange roughy. Then I bake or grill it with lemon juice. umm sounds good just typing it. I don't like fishy fish either.LOL
Take care, Debi
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I know this may sound stupid but what is TMA? Debi

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hey thanks for the word, good luck ny on your test results..and okay tulsa i'll try orange roughy? but if i gag lol :)
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Any thoughts on a 3 to 4 hour meal eating plan of about 300 to 400 calorie lowfat meals through the day to keep the metabolism reving.
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I weigh 156 right now and I am on 1200 a day. I worked at losing some weight when he put me on 1200 I was just shy of 180. Doc wanted to lower it to 1000/day a week ago due to my weight loss but I fought to keep it at this dosage and he acquiesed because my bloodwork looks good, Hgb is dropping a little as is ANC but not enough to be a problem yet. He will lower it if anything goes screwy in my bloodwork I know but this late in the game and UND since week 4 it should be ok if that happens.
It isnt an exact science Deb, talk to the doctor and bring some info that backs you up and maybe he will go for a higher dose. I'd really try for 1200 if you can but maybe 1000 is enough who knows but I'd try to get it over 800. It's a lot of guesswork and varies from one doc to the next which makes it frustrating on us.
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