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tracking our groups genom types

I was reading where one of the group just received there 3 month results and they were great. They were a 1A the same as me. I go on  Valentine's day for my 3 month visit and have a lot of fingers crossed. I get lost on the forum board sometime and partially because of brain fog since tx's started. My email is ***@**** and if any of you have just had test or are coming up on major dates I would appreciate it if you might share your results with me and the meds you are taking. I am on the Pegasus and Nupogen so I don't know what the difference is between some of these meds. I'm looking for all the successes I can find. PS. My viral load is 1.5m on the last lab sheet I received. Thanks for putting up with my rambling - Dale
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You know i'm sure that the chances of a Geno1 are about 50%.  Those are some pretty decent odds :)  Really, compared to a few years ago we are LUCKY.

Best of luck with the whole hepc thing....stay tough!

I'm on
PegIntron - Interferon like Pegasys
Ribavirin - Rebetol, copeg same stuff
Epogen - Version of med to help with low hemoglobin like Procrit
Ambien - Sleep med sure you know
Paxill - Cause all of us on interferon should be on a good AD since the medication can make us nuts
Not on Neupogen yet because my whites, while low, are not low enough yet.

Hope that helps!
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I'm also 1a, and my 3month(12wk) will be Feb23. I'll let you know what my results are if you would like. My meds:
Pegasys 180mg SQ weekly     (Interferon)
Copegus 600mg Twice a day   (Ribavirin)
Aleve 400mg once a day      (For pain)if needed
Lunesta 3mg at bedtime      (For sleep)
Prozac 20mg once a day      (For mood swings)

Hope this helps...Silver
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My 12 week vl was detectible at 419. 3 log drop.

I think that was pretty much your real question and I didn't answer that. 24 week PCR coming in three weeks.
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Kalio said: These drugs have been available well over a decade that I know of. I just don't think it is advisable for people to wait until stage 3 to treat. Or even stage 2.
Not sure if you're suggesting I was so let me be clear. I'm not advising people to wait until stage 3 to treat.

You asked me why I PERSONALLY waited that long, and I tried to explain it was a combination of factors, including older treating drugs ten years with lower SVR rates. These are NOT the same drugs we have today plus I wasn't a F3 ten years ago. That combined with another year or so delay due to an acute flare-up from herbs caused me to wait until I did.

Also, the Gish debate  I referred to on treat-or-not is mostly confined to geno 1's with little or no liver damage (F0 and F1) and was not in reference to F3's or even F's.

Where we do seem to agree is that treating or not is a highly personal and complex decision. It appears from what I've seen you post that we'd make different choices in our respective tx decisions, but that doesn't make our decision right for others -- just for ourselves.

Never got any feedback on my querry as to how many people factor in the "stigma" of hep c into their treatment decision. So I'll ask again.

-- Jim
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1b, beg vl 1,220,000, 12 week undetected, 17/48

Diovan (blood pressure)
Synthroid (thyroid meds)
Ambien - changing next week to Ativan
Milk Thistle
Vitamin E

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I didn't at all. I just want to kick this virus in the arse and get it done with before it got done with ME.

Didn't think of the stigma about treating at all in that respect.  I would have treated if I was a Zero...before it could get worse and I would be older anyways.  But then I"m nuts ;-)

So my answer is "NO".

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