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In October 2013, I had elevated liver enzymes. I agreed in February to take a hep c test.  It came back postive. Have been seeing a liver doctor.  VIral load 144, 000.  I will have a liver biopsis on June 25th.  Doctor says I can be treated with pesysis ?? intreferon, ribravin and some other medicine. Has anyone on this forum been on through this. I have read that it is hard treatment.  can I work?  So many questions, and no one to take to.o.
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Hello and welcome to the forum... You say your seeing a liver doctor? What I don't understand is why this doctor is even talking about treating with Interferon with somebody who has never treated before. There are now and has been Interferon free treatments for all genotypes and are very easy it seems to take, hardly any sides and only 12 weeks of treatment in most cases. It doesn't seem hard to work while on these new meds. Good luck to you. Wishing you the best.
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I have genotype 1b. He says I have to take the interferon.
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Oh, the treatment will be for twelve weeks.

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My first question to him would be why Interferon? And depending on other factors not known to us is a Biopsy even needed. Depending on labs and other things there is less evasive ways to rule out cirrhosis and since SVR rates are so high now some doctors don't see the need... Again good luck to you.
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have you gone through the treatment.  I have not told any one about my diagnosis. I have adult children. My gastroentologist says I should tell my family.  
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I have gone through two different types of treatment. Treating now don't even compare. It used to be anywhere from 48 to 72 weeks with much less odds. Only doing 12 weeks would have been so nice.
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He wants to see if there is any damage to my liver.Also, I want to know when I got it.  IAlthough I don't feel sick, and my viral load is low, I could have liver damage.   You may have a low viral load  Do you have hep c ? if so, where are you with your treatment, post treatment,etc.
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Sorry your treatment has not worked.   Can you tell me a little about your experience.
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My guess on why your doctor thinks it is a good ideal to tell at least your kids is so they might get tested. If you were infected when they was born there is a very slight risk of it being passed on. and when I say very slight it is said to be around 5% or less so no need to panic.
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Hi Robin

Welcome to the forum
If you look through the headings for topics of discussions, then you will see quite a few that address the new treatments as well as other treatments that people are currently on or have been on to treat Hep C and the resulting liver damage

Best to learn as much as you can about Hep C so you can ask your GI doc important questions about your own treatment.

There is no reason your children shouldn't know about your illness. Though I didn't tell Everyone, my closest friends and my family and all of my new friends in support have shown nothing but kindness and a willingness to help. Your children may be relieved to hear that you are addressing an issue that has made you feel tired all the time

I have been working throughout my treatment (Sovaldi/Olysio) and even though I am quite fatigued at times and have had other symptoms, working helped me to stay focused on other things rather than just this illness

Good luck with your biopsy. If the damage to your liver is minimal, then you can move ahead straight away to get rid of the Hep C for good
Even if the biopsy shows liver damage, you are much better off getting rid of the virus that beats up your liver 24/7 and likely has for some time

There are other relatively easy things you could begin doing right now - restrict your salt intake, eat a well balanced diet - no red meat, lots of fresh fruit and veggies and, of course, do not drink alcohol
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Thanks for your comment.  I am not sure when I acquired this, however, for the last 7 years I have never felt better.  So much energy.. I know I have to tell my children, it always seems like the wrong time.  Maybe I haven't come to an acceptance as of yet.   I am so glad I found this site, it gives me comfort to know that talk to others that are going through what I am.  My biggest fear is the interferon. treatment. I heard its a living hell.  
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The interferon treatment wasn't that bad for 12 weeks, it is really do-able, especially if you are in otherwise good health. It is not a living hell, it is uncomfortable for 2 days a week, but I was able to function. It is all in the scheduling of the shot. I had a good friend who is a nurse who gave me the shot every week, so that part was easy. I planned my weekend around the shot. I could see how if I had to do it for more than 12 weeks it would be harder. It is not as bad as chemo, if you have ever known anyone who has done that. There are new drugs coming down the line. I chose not to wait. Good luck!
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