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trying to be proactive

i recently moved from Wisconsin to Michigan i found a family dr and he referred me to a G I Dr.but the G I Dr is out of the country till November and I m due for my 4 week blood work hep c geno type 2b viral load 5070000 i see my family Dr. tomorrow but i don t think he knows what blood work needs to be done my question is what blood work would you order
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I too am Gen 2 on sov/riba for 12 weeks and just received my 4 week blood work results. My viral load pre tx was 11349834 and is now  REAL TIME PCR 1740. Hope this helps.
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Sorry. For some reason all the info did not take in the above comment. Sending again. The blood work tests for 4 weeks were...comprehensive metabolic panel w/egfr944, cbc with diff & platelets 4500 & hep c viral rna, quantitative pcr 1740.
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J.  For my 4 wk test ( actually 3 wk test in my case) Dr ordered CBC w/ Differential, Liver Function Panel and viral load (HCV RNA, PCR,Quantative).

Those showed the things he needed for following my progress.  8 wk (7 wks for me)' he just did the CBC w/Differential, the vital load - HVC RNA, PCR, Quantative and did the Hep A AB, Igm, Hep B Surface AG, Hep B Core AB IGM and Hep C AB.

Welcome to the Forum and hope this info helps.  Pat

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I hope someone following your treatment regimen responds. When I treated (but with different meds so I am not sure how meaningful this is...)

At four weeks it is not uncommon to have

HCV RNA to see if you are responding to the meds
CBC (Complete Metabolic Panel)
CMB Complete Metabolic Panel
Your liver enzymes are on this one

For me PT/INR was also included.

While certainly the main thing is we all want to be UND. It helps to have a doctor who understands the meds you are taking interpret the results.


As far as the Heb surface antigen and all that it would have been common to have that prior to treatment.

***Ditto with getting VACCinaTED for Hepatitis A & B

That was the SOC (Standard of Care) for the Triple therapy I treated with. Wish a few others taking your meds would post.

Either way you need a referral to another GI. November is too long to wait.
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I may have spoke too soon.
Are you currently treating your Hepatitis C?
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Sounds like your not yet treating? If that's the case there is really no need for blood test at this time. Another PCR should be run right before you start treatment as it wouldn't have any meaning right now if you are indeed not treating. Best to you and welcome to the forum.
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