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tx = weight gain or loss?

hi ..i was just wondering...do you gain or lose weight w/ the thyroid effects of tx.?
thanks .
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I have no clue about the thyroid stuff...But yes in tx , I did lose weight and maintained it off....Till recently....
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hypothetically ...

low thyroid metabolism is slow = weight gain

overactive thyroid metabolism fast = weight loss

some times no weight change w/either
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Hi. I am on week 9 of 24 and I have hyperthyrodism but but my weight is the same as before starting tx...162 lbs
So dont know if htyroids have anything to do with effect on weight
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Who knows what will happen.  What I do know is I sure would of liked to have lost.
I hardly eat at all,but I guess because I don't do too much any more the weight will stay.  In my 8th week lost maybe 5 lbs.  Never really had weight problems
before either.
Maybe if you have the ability to stay active you could loose weight.  Thats something I need to work on.  Ouch!

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I really think it depends on if you have ever had any problems eating before tx, esp. if your an emmotional eater , believe me you are going to be able to eat...but the good thing is somehow the tx keeps you from really gaining alot, i guess it may speed you up a bit...
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I guess the weight gain / loss, as some lose, some gain and some seem to stay the same.  I personally am up to 49 lb weight loss.   I can stand to lose that many more, so I am not complaining.. LOL      I went thru treatment 14 years ago, and lost alot of weight, by the time tx was done, they put me on a high calorie diet, because I had lost so much.   Then it came on so quick it was a problem, became diabetic , and have been fighting the weight ever since, till starting tx again 12/23/06.  I currently did 19 / 48 on Friday.  I also have severe anemia, so that has alot to do with the loss of weight I am sure.  

Just be prepared to go either way.
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I had no thyroid problems with tx. I lost some weight but I think I mostly maintained because of the high fat content of my diet. I ate less, but ate more fattening foods. I wanted the fat to help absorp the riba, and my taste changed to things that were easy to eat, like yogurt, peanut butter, oatmeal & ice cream.  Plus I drank "light juice" which still has more calories than water.
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Hi all,
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I have lost 16 lbs. Dr. does not want me to lose anymore. Week 31/51
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I have gained weight on TX so far.  20lbs actually I was wishing I could lose it.  But for now I'll be happy with what i've got.  Lately nothing sounds good or tastes good.  I might eat a few crackes and cheese (3 or 4) and half a thing of yogert, and I'm full, for the day.  so i may be on the down slope...
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I have probably lost a couple of pounds. Nothing tastes good most of the time.
I have diarrhea after most of my shots now.

I try to eat just to put some calories in.

I do seem to like sweets the most and still eat chocolate nearly every day.
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I lost 13 or 14 lbs in 13 weeks.  Nothing tasted good except for cold mushy foods like ice cream and smoothies.  I tried to take in sufficient calories, but still lost weight.  Now, 5 weeks after stopping, I've gained back 4 lbs.  Need to put on the brakes with the eating.  Food is so delicious now.  I just went to the Original Pancake House and ate en entire Dutch Baby.  Yum, yum...
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