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up awhile then down

I was so thrilled with my geno yesterday that perhaps I went a little ga-ga. I felt really bad last night after such an exciting day that I probably let the sx of the Hep put me in a down mood to react to a toungue-lashing like I did. Again I apologize to new-sojourn and all if I went a little out there with my comments. I DO plan on keeping everyone abreast of my personal news, but until I am on tx I won't ne throwing my 2 cents in for others to possibly misinterpret. I am a Customer Service Mgr. for a international security manufacturer and have to listen to disgruntled customers on a daily basis. The stress almost killed me a few months ago when I went off on my boss over some little petty issue. I was written up and missed the last quarter and this first quarter bonuses for that. NOW I know it was a reaction to my then unknown disease and have learned my lesson about when to keep my big mouth shut. Thanks for all those who responded positively and I am still stoked on being a geno3A. Still a little concerned about the tumor markers but should have that answer after my CT next week. If anyone recalls I fired my 1st GI and thank God I did because he missed the tumor flag and forgot to order a geno test. What an idiot. My new GI split with the guy I fired because they were associates but the youngster was getting too many complaints. My Nurse (Bless her soul) said the young doc was simply out for the $$. My new GI is middle aged as am I and has already made his dough. His game is now for the betterment of mankind.
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Hey Neal,

Yeah, hang around. I missed the tongue-lashing but I had to work. Your work story is funny.

You've got great odds, being your genotype, of beating this and this board and the people here can help you through just like you can help them.

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I too got in trouble @ work w/ my boss...before we knew I had Hep C. There were days that i couldn't get enough rest, no matter how long I slept. I would call her @ home, early, to let her know I wouldn't be @ work. She would just say "okay" and slam the phone in my ear!!!! Well, now that she knows my disease, her Mother was diagnoised with Hep C after I went on disability. Do you know she sends me cards now and calls to check on me from time to time? She works for a different co. now. And get this...the ppl I worked w/ for 5 yrs never have called me yet! (except for one guy, who comes by once a week to check on me!) He no longer works for the same co. either. You hang in there and we're here for ya....rage and all!!! lol Much love, Cindee
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Got a call from my insurance pre-certing my therapy. Another load off. They are going to double my co-pay to $20 and suggested I get scripts for 3 month supply on the Riba. The Peg-Intron pens WIll be covered under major medical so I will fork out 10% of that until I reach $1500 out of pocket then they go 100% for the rest of the year. I have a pre-existing condition of digenerative disc disease L3-L4 and L4-L5 with moderate sciatica. Also have documented gout. Sx of the tx will have a great impact on those areas so we'll just have to see how it goes. Thanks for the support. Will keep you posted on my CT results later this week or next. I'm here to gain and express personal info from the laymans viewpoint. I pay Drs. for the official stuff. Love to all~Neal~
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Well I'm no expert but a sx to Riba is lower back pain and aggrivates arthritus. I have been studying today from the manufacturer's insert document of the Peg Intron and Rebetol.
  If a disc becomes inflamed, and swells it can put extra pressure on the neves running down your buttocks and the back of the leg and finally the bottom of your feet. I've had this back condition for 16 years and do have plenty of experience with the lower back.
   If the lower back pain sx from Riba or Peg is from inflamation, that could be why your experiencing. Not sure if those sx result in inflamation of disc or not. Might be a good ? to ask your Doc. My 2 cents has run out..."night"~neal~
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