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very elevated bilrubin level

my gi was called by my primary care phys. and asked him to look over my recent bloodwork that the primary ordered for me. gi says that I have 'gilberts syndrome', that might be genetic. said not to be too concerned about the bilirubin as I had just finished TX and those levels were to be expected. no numbers at hand but they were near 'jaundice levels. gi says I'm UND, so don't worry, levels should be normal at testing done at 12 weeks EOT. don
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Congratulatins on finishing tx.  One more step up that flight of stairs is finished and the last one within sight.  

I donT understand all that your bloodwork means (i'll have to do some reading), but I do undersyand UND.

Hang in there and keep on keeping on - this last 12 weeks will go quickly.

Blessings --- and on to SVR!!

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Don, My daughter has Gilbert's Syndrome, and actually looks slightly jaundiced upon occasion. Her doctor told her it is nothing she needs to worry about. It is quite benign. Also, in your case, both Harvoni and Viekira Pak are known for elevating bilirubin. If that is what is causing it, it should come down. Sounds like you have not a thing to worry about.
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Congratulations on finishing treatment! What WAS the treatment you had? I too experienced an elevated bilirubin on MY treatment (also just shy of jaundice), which my doctor said was due to the simeprevir component. The bilirubin did eventually return to normal levels, and I too was told it was probably due to a previously undiagnosed Gilbert's syndrome, for which no treatment is needed. I am SVR and shortly have my 12 month follow-up visit.
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I don't know if this helps, but my bilirubin climbed all thru treatment and when I finished it was higher than it had ever been. By EOT-week-12 it had returned to baseline. Congrats on finishing treatment
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thank you kind lady, first I've heard of this. not concerned myself, but wanted to share other angles to the forum regarding post-tx conditions. I'm happy for all of us being treated and the many to follow. don
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thank you mark! my treatment was 1,20mg ribavirin and harvoni for 12 weeks but UND  before 6 weeks. little side effects, tired feeling after week 8, difficult bowel movements, no constipation, nausea, headaches etc. don
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thank you!I looking forward to the same results as you. here's to svr. don
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that is my understanding about gilberts. I've not noticed any yellowing or off white in myself. the increase in levels can be from a cold, flu, flu shot vaccination, even stress or anxiety, etc. don
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Wow!  That went quick, can't believe its over. :). So happy that you are undetected and on your way to SVR Don!

Keep us posted on your progress, we love happy endings!

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thanks deb, it's happening all over the world. peace and love, don
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