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viekira pak -ribavirin

Any success with this medication??
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yes people are curing with this combo however Ribavirin is not always needed with viekira pak it depends on genotype of hep c and if you have cirrhosis
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Geno 1a, cirrhotic.... It cured me when nothing else worked.
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Awesome . I am genotype 1 and my blood work is good so I don't believe I'm cirrhotic. Which is why I'm having to appeal my insurance for the medication . wdid you experience any major side effects?
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My lab work was good as well. No side effects except perhaps a bit more fatigue.  I took the ribavirn because of cirrhosis.
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Do you know if you are GT 1a or !b?

Treatment for GT 1a without cirrhosis is 12 weeks of Viekira Pak with ribavirin.

While for GT 1b without cirrhosis treatment is 12 weeks of Viekira Pak alone without ribavirin.

Blood work cannot diagnosis cirrhosis unless you are talking about a fibrosure blood test.

I have had cirrhosis for 8 years and my ALT is 29 and my AST is 27. Of course I am cured now but even my pre treatment tests from 2 years ago my ALT was 78 and AST was 54.

Have you had a fibrosure blood test or a fibroscan test that is similar to an ultrasound? Have you had a liver biopsy or a CT scan or at least an abdominal ultrasound? Those tests can at least give some indication if you have cirrhosis. ALT, AST and viral load can't be used to determine severity of liver damage.

Also being evaluated for  and having liver damage could strengthen you case for qualifying for treatment.

Best of luck to you
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Oh my I had no idea. No, my doc hasnt Mentioned any further testing due to my blood work being fine. I feel like I should change doctors now :-/  
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No I do not know if its a or b ..doc just said type 1 and liver enzymes up just a bit...
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Didn't mean to worry you any idea how long you have had hep c?

For most of us it takes many years to progress to cirrhosis and many never do. Only about 20% of patients will progress to cirrhosis after being infected for 20 years.

He I probably basing on his observations and especially if you have not had hep c for a long time.

Most people with hep c only have mild elevation in liver enzymes but that means is your liver is being slightly injured every day. But constant attack by hep c on the liver over time is what leads to liver damage and cirrhosis. All the while with just slightly elevated ALT and AST the whole time.

I am sure you are likely ok as far as liver damage. Your doctor likely knows if you are GT 1a or 1b and will prescribe your treatment according to which one you have.

Good luck you will be fine and able to put all this behind you soon
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I have had it for about 2 1/2 years.
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I am scared of the viekiera Pak. The side effects concern me. As a single mom who works 50+ hrs a week on 3rd and a stay home mom by day I can't be afford to be sick. Did anyone experience the major side effects the medication warns of? If not what side effects did you experience?? Oh, and hair loss... Really?!  
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If you look at the percentages of people reporting side effects you will see they were reported by not all people who did the treatment.

Personally I would be more concerned with the long term effects of hep c than the temporary side effects of treatment

Here is a link to the prescribing information for Viekira Pak it lists common side effects


------------------------------ADVERSE REACTIONS------------------------------
In subjects receiving VIEKIRA PAK with ribavirin, the most commonly reported adverse reactions (greater than 10% of subjects) were fatigue, nausea, pruritus, other skin reactions, insomnia and asthenia. In subjects receiving VIEKIRA PAK without ribavirin, the most commonly reported adverse reactions (greater than or equal to 5% of subjects) were nausea, pruritus and insomnia. (6.1)

So basically the common sides were some patients reported nausea had some itching or trouble sleeping

I went through 3 rounds with the old interferon treatment and 2 of those were with Ribavirin and worked full time through all at a physical job.

You are stronger than you know. You can do this believe in yourself

Good luck
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Of course I'm concerned with the long term effects of hep c lol I simply meant I am concerned with the side effects vs other medication bit thanks for the info
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The only side effect I had was a bit more fatigue than normal. Other than that it was a breeze. I worked full time throughout my treatment.
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can the viekira pak be used to treat genotype 3a?  I've heard I have the genotype that is now the hardest to treat.
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