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viral load and triple therapy

I was just wondering if anyone has as high of a viral load as mine, and was undetectable at 4 weeks? Mine is 14,900,000 ugh.... I go the 24th to see if I am under 1000 but its scary. I see a lot going undetectable at the 4 week period but I wonder if anyone had very large viral loads like mine???

Maybe I should get a handicap of an extra week LOL
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Hi dixiechic.  I think my viral load is 15 million (unless I made a mistake and my doc said 1.5 million).  I'm not treating yet so I'm giving you a bump so others will see your post.  Here are some numbers I found for you on viral loads:

200,000 to 1,000,000 low

1,000,000 to 5,000,000 medium

5,000,000 to 25,000,000 high

above 25,000,000 very high
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Of course, I'm no expert. So you may not want the opinion of an up-in-the-night itchy girl. But my vial load tripled in a year. My Dr. wasn't concerned. Said the med would do the work if it were going to.
I think they may treat longer??? Just an opinion. I had the same concerns once I went over a million. I finally took a Vistaril. Hope it kicks in. This middle of the night thinking can turn into worry tooo quickly. Take care.. Karen :)
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I thought that as long as you were under 1000 at week 4 you go on to treat and you were undetectable so wouldn't you be clear sailing to continue treatment. I didn't think it could go up to 1000 at week 12 after being undetectable but I'm very far from knowing for sure. Just my assumption.
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Before I started treatment my viral load was higher than they measure... it was greater than 69 million... I'm getting my 3rd injection tonight... so, suffice to say, I'm very interested in this post!!
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My doc said how high the load is isn't important, it's there or it's not. I know I was over two million and cleared in 4 weeks. You'll be fine, yea the worrying su---.joe
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my vl was like 10 mil..and if i didn'tget so anemic that i had to stop the riba at week 3 i'm sure i wouldn't havehad any vl...i do have a very ..very low vl...i would say if you stay on the triple you'll kill it off in 4 weeks....good luck...billy
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