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viral load compared

My viral load went from 8.2 x 10^6 to 10.4 X 10^3 after 1 month,at my first count.How is this compared to other people who get a hep c treatment???Should i consider this a quick reduction,average or maybe even minimal??
Somehow i just want to get some grip on whats going on inside me, and i also wanna know how i do compared to others.I hope there are some people who want to share and compare theyre ''numbers''.

with friendly greetings,

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Basically you started therapy from what I see in your post with a viral load of 8.2 million and after one month(as you say) it is now 10,400.
This represents a 2.9 log drop .(was this exactly the 4 week mark??)

This is an" average" reduction in Viral load.

You do not mention what drugs you are taking for HCV therapy.

If you are Geno type 1 I imagine you are taking Incivek or wil lbe starting Victrelis and it would be impossible to comment further(length of time to treat etc.) until you state which of these you are taking.

Good luck and possibly let the group know which  therapy you are on so  to better assist.

Best to you and welcome


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thanks for your reactionwillbb.
I started my treatment with riba,interferon and incivek(teleprevir)but had to stop with the incivek after 5 days due to a allergic reaction.(quick and all over my body)
So now i just take interferon and riba.after 4 weeks into the treatment they took my blood and did the vial load count again with the outcome you see here above.i think i might have a chance.
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and im a genotype 1,BTW
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I think a lot of people (although not all) here are/were geno 1.  I was 1b specifically.  

Things may have changed with the addition of protease inhibitors to the tx regimen.  You used to be looking for a 2 log drop by week 12 in order to have what they called EVR and it was a desirable marker on the road to SVR.

At week 24, if you still had measurable virus, tx was typically discontinued.

When it was just the riba/interferon combo, RVR meant no measurable viral load at week 4.  And that was considered to be an excellent prognosis for SVR - although it did not preclude people who were not at RVR by week 4 from clearing and achieving SVR.  

Anyone?  Is this still the case with the introduction of the protease inhibitors, or what are the new markers?  
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