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vitamin D3 intake

At the clinic where I found out I had hcv one of the Drs gave me a bottle of vitamin D3 5000 IU and told me to take two a day. Some conflicting views seem to be out there.  I am wondering what the medhelp community has to say.  I am in the process of getting a Dr. who can see me for the HCV so I am not in treatment as of now.  
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When I failed, they sent me along & told me to take milk thistle now & D3 from October to April; take one a day & store it in the fridge, otherwise they bond together.
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Treatment and Vitamin D
Sept 2012
Relationship between vitamin D and IL-23, IL-17 and macrophage chemoattractant
protein-1 as markers of fibrosis in hepatitis C virus  Egyptians  
The liver plays a central role in vitamin D  metabolism.
Vitamin D  inadequacy is common in non-cholestatic chronic liver  diseases and
correlates  with disease severity. The current study showed a  significant
reduction of  vitamin D and its active metabolites in HCV  genotype
4-infected patients  compared to healthy controls. This reduction was  more
prevalent and severe in  cirrhotic vs non-cirrhotic patients.
This is consistent with previous  studies done on patients with genotype 1,
which showed that vitamin D deficiency  is  universal (92%) among patients
with chronic liver disease, and at least  one-third of the patients have severe
vitamin D deficiency


Article: Vitamin D: An Innate Antiviral Agent Suppressing Hepatitis C Virus in Human Hepatocyte –

Gal-Tanamy M, Bachmetov L, Ravid A, Koren R, Erman A, Tur-Kaspa1R, Zemel R.   Source: Hepatology; Volume 54, Issue 5, pages 1570–1579, November 2011.

This study (see abstract below) looked at the connection between vitamin D3 supplementation and improved response rates to treatment for chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. The research showed the various pathways that vitamin D3 uses, showing the antiviral properties of vitamin D3 particularly during interferon treatment. Researchers noted that vitamin D3 combined with interferon alfa has a synergistic relationship (the drug interactions are magnified, in this case in a beneficial way). Also noted was that vitamin D3 combined with interferon alfa decreases viral production more than interferon alfa without vitamin D3.

The Bottom Line:
Vitamin D3 may have a significant impact on HCV and treatment for it.

To find current guidelines on dosing and other pertinent information, visit www.mayoclinic.com/health/vitamin-d/NS_patient-vitamind
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My PCP told me that Vitamin D deficiency is quite common in our modern society and studies show a wide range of benefits from adding a supplement to most diets. She put me on 2,000 units once daily. My hepatologist doesn't seem to care one way or the other. He never mentioned it himself but when I told him my PCP told me to add it he was absolutely okay with that. 10,000 units a day sounds like a huge dose to take without having shown a clear need for it first.
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My D3 tests come back with a side note that 30-100 whatevers is the normal range.
I am taking 12,000 IUs a day (10,000 for breakfast and 1,000 with lunch dinner). I am doing this for weight lifting nutrition regime.
My numbers came back at 60. My muscles are getting huge.  . . .well, kinda.
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The 25 hydroxy level is what gets checked when you have vitamin D tested.  

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Thank you
I don't understand all these new terms.  Hydroxy level>  If you mean what dosage as I stated in my post, 2 5000 IU twice a day.
I am beginning to see that some of this is about live and learn because people have different views.  Still, the replies here have been encouraging and full of good information.  I have made some nice friends who are very supportive.  
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What 25 hydroxy level does your doctor consider optimal for you?


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My hepatologist at CPMC in S.F. put me on 2000 D daily. I'm small and that may be specific for me. Ideally, get your D levels checked before starting treatment and after. You probably should also be taking calcium, especially during treatment. It's hard on our teeth and bones.

Good luck,
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That answers my question.
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There are several studies that have shown that many HCV patients are deficient in vitamin D.  I had my level checked during the first part of tx and was deficient.  I supplemented with 5,000 IU per day and it took about a month for it to come into range.  I'd suggest you have you level checked first and discuss this with your hepatologist prior to get a baseline.  

You can search for this informations, but here are a few to read to get started.  Also, coffee has been found to also improved tx response for HCV.
Good luck to you.  Be sure to find a good hepatologist that attends to your needs.


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