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waiting at least a year after telaprevir is out

failed 48 wks of TX a few years ago had hep C geno 1 for 40 yrs or so. Think I will wait a year or 2 after telaprevir is on the shelves and the doc's get it  dialed in before I think about re treat, my last biopsy was grade 1 stage 2.  57 yrs old male and the thought of a crap yr of life to maby clear the virus just not sure if I want to do that when I could live to a ripe old age with hep C no problem.
There are more people that never have a problem from the virus than those that do.
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You never asked a question...so just would say ..good luck.

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"There are more people that never have a problem from the virus than those that do."
True, but keep an eye on your liver disease ( biopsies and blood tests) so it doesn't ever progress to extensive fibrosis/cirrhosis. It is your gamble and only you can decide to treat or not.

Depending on the individual and there response to SOC treatment you may not have to retreat  for a year. Relapsers have a very high chance of clearing the virus in less time.

Good luck.
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Good thing if you can wait.  My history is extremely close to yours and I will wait to tx as well but I will not wait a year because I am tired of all the swelling of my legs I have going on.  I have to ask you, why tx at all?  I'm just wondering?

I want to tx but I won't be using telaprevir.  I will use Boceprevir, 'cleans like a white tornado"!!  lol
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I chose to treat because Im still young enough to endure it (age 51) even though I have no symptoms or scarring. I will not use Tela or Boce as they are much too new for me to trust. I am using the Vitiman D in an attempt to improve my odds and Im othwise healthy so staying on schedule so far has not been a problem. I will get my 4 week pcr next week.

I did wait 20 years and feel I could have waited another 20 as far as symptoms go so I respect those who do not treat. For me the risks were starting to outweigh the benifits. Everyone must choose whats right for them. I hope everything works out for the best.
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under the heading of sad but true .... many have died with that mindset   the longer you have hep c the more likely the disease is to progress  thats the nature of a progressive illness  the rate of progression is the key  some go quickly some slowly  but in the end it usually comes down to treat transplant or die  might as well get it over with now is my opinion
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Thanks for the comment, I did have to come to grips with the fact that my mindset was wrong no matter how bad I wanted to be right. Should I be so fortunate as to live another 40 years the last thing Im going to want to be doing is suffering because I was too stuborn to treat.
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Have you seen the study on Vitamin D levels? This could be the differance between success and fail for many people even though the Dr's dont seem to talk about it. I dont know how accurate the study is but Im taking Vitamin D everyday with tx in hopes of improving my odds of success and reaching SVR and keeping it that way. http://www.hivandhepatitis.com/2010_conference/easl/docs/0518_2010_b.html

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i was referring to snowavs mindset ron  yes vitamin d3  is very beneficial to the immune system and the liver
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Ok, thanks for pointing that out. Im still learning to post without interupting threads.  
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Before starting Tx, you might want to check your HOMA score .. IR - Insulin resistance ...if over a HOMA of 3 has apx. a 20% negative predictive factor for G1 in achieving SVR with SOC Tx ... you can have a normal BMI and normal fasting glucose levels and still be IR ... I am ...
if treating with Tela/Boce it appears IR is not as much of a factor.

Good luck, which ever route you choose  
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Sorry Ron , the "check your IR - HOMA post" was meant for SnoWav ....

SnoWav, read the post above concerning insulin resistance ... it may be of help ...
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Hi Sno

As I recall, you nearly slide through TX with no side effects.  I mean you were mountain climbing and all kinds of things most of us could not conceivable dream of on TX.

I think your plan is a good one.  I treated when you did and have a few years on you.  My DX is similar - grade 1, stage 1-1/2 -- at least that is what it was in 2008.  I am consulting next month with a heppo on possiblities.  Like you I hate to think of giving up another year, but, by golly,  I would like to clear before I am much older.

When was your last BX?

frijole (friole back then)
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Considering how long you've had this disease and how well you are doing according to the biopsy, I think, your plan is a good one.
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Just wanted to post my stand on living with the virus, there are other options besides TX ing with such a powerful toxin. Frijole the TX was pretty tough on me but I found it better to push myself each day to try and keep living a active life. The vitamin D thing is interesting I will check it out.
My wife and I are just beginning to explore  more of a raw foods diet. Yes I may never re TX
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