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weight based????

hi all, just a quick question. i took my 2nd shot las nite and still no sides or any probs 2 worry bout,
im 3a and on 180 peg and 800 riba, i weigh 90.8kg and my hb was 16.2 on thursday.
i jus want 2 know how do i go about getting doc 2 up my riba?
i mentioned it 2 the nurse b4 i seen the doc on thurs and she started talking bout a weight based injection????
its jus that i really want 2 beat it this time around and i feel if i can handle it would be 2 up my riba.

please all ur thoughts are needed.

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Weight based riba at 200 pounds would be 1200 or 1400 mg.day of ribavirin. Assuming no contra indications and given your high pre-tx hemoglboin level (or is that on treatment which makes it even better) you could probably handle 1400/day. And especially if this is your second time around, I'd really push to be on weight based ribavirin.

"Weight based injection" is something entirely different. Are you on Peg Intron or Pegasys? Peg Intron is given weight based. Pegasys is one dose for all.
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i jus checked my injection and it is pegasys, so wat ur sayin is if i was on peg intron i would prob be on weight based riba. the peg intron inject is like a pen were u click it 2 ur weight and inject.
this is my 1st time round and im on a roche study.
i took my 1st shot fri 19/9 and gave blood on 23/9, wen i went 2 doc on 25/9 i noticed my hb was 16.2 and i feel no different than i did b4 i started and i reckon i could handle more riba.
jus wan 2 have the best chance of beating dis.

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I think you are misunderstanding Jim.

Pegasys is an injection with 180mcg peg interferon which you cannot adjust. Pegasys is made by Roche...

Pegintron has and injection (redipen), where you can adjust the dose. Pegintron is made by Schering-Plough... this one can be administered weight based.

The Ribavirin should be administered weight based.  

I believe that being a geno 3a you should be on 1200mg according to SOC. As it says on the insert for geno 2 and 3
75 kg 1000/1200mg

Before it used to be a flat dose of 800mg, no matter your weight for geno 2 and 3.

Geno 1 would definitely get 1400mg of riba for your weight.

I wonder if you're not on 800mg, because you are in a study. I would try to find out if this is study protocol or a mistake.

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I forgot to say... the Ribavirin from Roche is called Copegus.

Ribavirin is the generic name of the pills.

(the Ribavirin from Schering-Plough is called Rebetol)

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Funny, I was just looking at my bottle of Ribaviran and see that it's from Three Rivers Pharmaceuticals and the name is Ribasphere rahter than Rebetol or Copegus, wonder why!  It does say Ribavirin Capsules under the name and then says 200 mg.

My doctor says that it's weight based.  I take 3 in the am and 2 in the pm, a total of 1000 mgs a day.  The amount of Pegassist I take a week is 180 mg.

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WIN-R suggest 1200/day for someone 200 lbs.
(Marcia, scroll down for a report on Afro American response rates)

I mentioned 1400/day because of high hgb level and the fact that some liver specialists are more agressive with ribavirin especially in a re-treatment scenario.

While many liver specialists have been using weight based earlier for geno 2's and 3's, it is now FDA approved:
Santa, what was your hemoglobin before you treated?
What week of treatment was it at 16.2?


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