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weight lose

Just got off scale cause clothes fitting better and I've lost 14 pounds in 35 weeks of this treatment, carried grandkid (30 pds) on shoulders for about 4 hours and next day worked on remodel job sanding, mudding etc... for about six hours so I don't feel to bad, I was just curious about how much people lost during treatment? One plus is now I'm 16 mg/kg on the riba with just the 1200 daily!! Merry Christmas to all and to all SVR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I lost a total of 107 lbs on treatment.   I have been off of tx ( 48 wks ) as of 5 wks ago.   I was maintaining my weight since stopping, today I weighed myself and lost 3 more lbs.. I am starting to feel better and better every day from the sx of treatment.. now dealing with another issue.
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I lost 17 lbs. on tx. I didn't want to lose anymore. I have gained 5 back. 13 weeks post tx I'd like to stay at this weight. Merry Xmas to you also and definitely SVR to all.
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Not lost one pound lol....just my luck.
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dperry10 that was a big change!
Grandma, Christmas goodies will put it back on!
Jodylynn maybe your just the right weight!
Thanks to all!
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Take your time, I am 29 and have been off the treatment for 3 years; I am still having a hard time eating, I get full.  Eat small meals every 2 hours, that helped me.  Have a Merry Christmas.


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I lost 45 lbs during round 1 of tx.  I'll be on round 2 a week tomorrow and I've lost 3 lbs so far

P.S.  I did put half of what I lost during round 1 back on ... deliberately, before I started round 2
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Lost 20 and then gainned back 30.  Not so happy about that since I"ve weighed the exact same since highschool.  but then again I am also hypothyroid now and never was before. Ugh.
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FloridaMouse I know how you feel going on to another round it's tuff but fight on it goes fast! I dropped some cash over at Mouse World last week that place is getting expensive!!!!
NYgirl 10 pd gain for SVR is good deal anytime!
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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IMHO it would have been helpful that in addition to sharing how many lbs. you lost , what your tx starting weight was.

My tx start weight was 175lbs. and I have lost 42lbs. after completing week 40/48.

I have considered changing my nickname from Big Al to Costillas ( spanish for Ribs) because that's all you can see when I remove my shirt.

Best wishes to all and have a Happy Christmas.

Costillas ( formerly known as  Big Al)
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I lost about 15-18 ounds on each tx.  After the first, I got back to pre-tx weight in about 3 months.  This time, I'm being a little more careful about rapid gain and being a lot more active.  Before both tx's I was at my target weight.
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I am just the opposite. I gained weight almost immediately on starting treatment. Even while continuing to do a ton a aerobic exercise thruout treatment after 1.5 years I gained about 35 lbs.

I have been off treatment for over 2 years and still cant get my metabolism back to normal. For about 9 months I have been on about 1200 cals and am still gaining weight.

So from treatment to now I have gained between 50 and 60 lbs and hate it.

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I gained about 30 lbs on Tx.  I thought that the only good thing about treating was that I would get thinner!  The interferon attacked my thyroid and I didn't start  on thyroid medication for a few months after the treatment was over.  I can't get the extra weight off no matter how hard I try. Very frustrating.
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I've been looking for a weight dosing chart for Ribavarin.  Does anyone know what that is:  what dose for what weight category.  I'm hoping my weight falls within one of those categories and not too high.  My doctor wants me start treatment now, but I want to get my weight in line prior to treating so I give myself the best shot.    
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I really fee for ya. At least they understand that it is your thyroid.

Docs have NO idea what is causing my continued weight gain. Probably metabolism.

take care all,
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