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weight loss

I'm curious what kind of weight loss some of you had. Is it common or just depends on the person. Also is it the drugs causing weight loss or the fact that you may not have an appetite.Maybe this will be the only positive of the tx!!
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It depends on the person. Some people here have lost and some have gained. Personally I have had to eat everything in site to keep my weight up and I still lose a couple and then gain a couple. Also for me apatite has not been an issue. I am hungry all the time and NYGirl got me started on ice cream shakes….yum! I think I will go to Dairy Queen now.
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I've lost about twenty five pounds in almost twelve weeks of treatment.  I had it to lose, and maybe twenty more!!!  Unfortunately, I'm 55 and my skin is not catching up with the fat loss :(  I'm just having a hard time eating, my stomach is unsettled.  I thought this would be a wonderful side effect too, but I'm just looking old.

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On treatment I could eat anything and everything and still lost about 20 lbs.   Portion wise, I could not eat as much as I was accustomed to before treatment. I could actually skip a meal and not be least bit hungry on treatment.  
Since stopping treatment I have kept my portions reasonable and watch fat intake because once again I am prone to gain weight if I don't.  
I think weight loss is caused by lack of appetite and the effects of the drugs on the metabolism.

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I started TX at 120 pounds and ended TX at 120 pounds but I had to force myself to eat enough to keep my weight up.  My goal was to maintain my weight while on TX and I succeeded but it took effort.
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I started thin and lost too much weight and looked like a skeleton.

1. The meds made me not hungry at all and I felt naseaus all the time.
2. I was on an antidepressent which should have caused me perhaps to gain weight but I didnt.
3. Then my thyroid went and I was really hyper thyroid and I lost weight like crazy (even more it was horrible!)
4. Then my thyroid went hypo and I started gaining it back.

Then after treatment well I kept eating like I had been.....I had gainned back the original 25 or so pounds and then kept GAINING like crazy (even though now my thyroid number is perfect).  But........I was liking milkshakes and ice cream and stuff.  Once my taste buds came back holy COW I ate an Oreo cookie and it was the first time things didn't taste like medicine and I almost cried it was so good.  Prior to treatment I hadn't cared really about food but now - I just wanted to eat all the good yummy things! So I GAINNED weight from where I started!

My fault I was just eating the wrong things and too much!

It took me quite a while to lose the I had put on but finally I did.......but oh after treatment is not the same as before at ALL.  It is VERY common for post-txers to gain a spare tire around the middle - I don't know why but you will hear it mentioned alot.  

I hoipe that helps somehow.
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I've lost 35 lbs so far. About a lb. per week of tx. Mostly it's due to a change in diet. Cutting as much as fat as possible, no beef or pork, no salt, a few other things. Haven't been able to cut out sugar though. Food, as I once knew it, now taste bland so less is eaten. Every couple weeks 1, 2, or 3 lbs drop off.
Despite the weight loss I still feel bloated. That I think is related somehow to tx or at the least the sad condition of my liver.
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