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what is my prognosis?

my blood test for HCV by HCV antibody was positive , by liver sonography the following was found : normal size , smooth surface , slight coarse echo-pattern , no focal lesion & all other sonographic findings were normal , my blood tests for liver enzymes (ALT , AST) were normal , my quantitative PCR RNA test was under detectable level , i also was tested for HBV & HIV and the results were negative. what is my treatment regimen ? & what will be my prognosis ?

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Congratulations on clearing the virus and I agree with the others.

I would research and ask my doc what a slightly coarse echo texture of the liver means. I think it may be associated with very mild fibrosis of the liver but am not sure.  If that's the case, I would emphasize a healthy, liver-friendly lifestyle.

Maybe others here know its significance and better yet say a coarse echo texture of the liver is irrelevant.

One word of  warning. Although you absolutely do not have HCV, the presence of its antibodies may in future cause confusion to others and aggravation for you.

For example, you will not be able to give blood, largely because the tests run at blood clinics are inexpensive and rapid antibody tests, which would show you as positive for the antibody and therefore eliminate you as a donor. (There's another possible rationale but it's a rather esoteric discussion concerning occult HCV.)

And worst of all, sometimes even a family doc might not at first understand the distinction between having the virus and having the antibodies.

So you need to be well-informed yourself, so you can stroll through such awkard moments and feel confident about your status.

Think of all the other things we have lifelong antibodies to, and how they're really badges our bodies carry to show we fought and won.

Congratulations on beating the virus. You did super!

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Congrats, you just have the antibody, you beat this on your own. No treatment needed, sounds like your in great shape......... Enjoy and best to you.

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What that means is at one time you were exsposed to this virus but your immune system took care of it, happens in about 20% of all case's.
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thank the lord and go live your life
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You have been blessed with a great immune system! Have a great life!
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Your antibody test may have been a false postive and you never actually had the virus to begin with.  Either way, your prognosis is excellent. No worries.

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many thanks for all the members who responded to my question, you have been very very helpful & wonderful, special thanks to  portann .
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Congrats on your negative PCR test.

I just wanted to add that if one has positive antibodies, they will usually to another PCR test 6 months later just to be sure.

Anyway, that's is what the doctors did with one of my daughters who tested positive for antibodies.
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how come i was cured , cure only happens in acute stage , the condition of my liver denotes that the virus was active for more than 6 month
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God must have healed you.
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i am only worried that there may be something wrong & that i may not be cured.
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