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when does the ALT would be up or down in the Hep C window period?

Hello everyone. I still worry about acute hep c, when I have a few symptoms (fatigue, abdominal pain, the mind slow, diarrhea) from the 5th to 7th week or from the 3th to the 5th week, I do not remember clearly the date, I didn’t know about HCV symptom at that time. So I didn’t do blood test. I did HIV, HEP A, B, C all negative in the 8th week. Only ALT119, CK 4162 (normal<225U/L), MCH 33 (normal <32) and didn’t test AST. I did blood test again in the 9th week, ALT, AST and MCH normal, CK 416 still high. I thought I have surgery that caused CK up. I did HIV, HEP A, B, C all negative in the 22TH week. ALT, AST and CK normal. I want to hear your opinion.
Thanks everybody again.
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Anna, I left this message for you in a previous thread:

“Yes, most develop HCV antibodies within several weeks of exposure, but for some it can take up to six months. An ‘HCV RNA by PCR’ test checks for the presence of active virus rather than antibodies, and is very reliable after 3 or 4 weeks.”


Given that you were involved in an accident, and continue to have elevated liver enzymes, I would think a ‘HCV RNA by PCR’ test should be ordered for you. This test checks for presence of active virus, not indirectly via antibodies.

Good luck,

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Hi Bill, I'm glad you are here. I asked my doctor HCV RNA test, he said I didn't need anymore test. How do you think the HCV test negative is conclusion in the 22th week. I guess 6 month is 24 weeks.
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I agree that it’s unlikely you have HCV based on negative antibody results at 5.5 months. However, your doctor needs to explain why you continue to experience elevated liver enzymes. If they can’t be explained, an HCV RNA test might be in order.

What does your doctor attribute the elevated enzymes (ALT/AST) to?

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Bill, My FLA was high only once in my blood test and at that time I just felt muscle pain without other symptoms, other times test ALT is normal. However, I didn't have the blood test when I had many symptoms of my body and I couldn't know my liver enzymes. Please give me advice again. I appreciate your opinion.
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Bill, I did test list:
the 8th week: CK 4172; ALT 119;  didn't have AST test.
the 9th week: CK 417; AST 27 <37 U/L; ALT 30 <46 U/L.
the 22th week: CK 165; ALT 16 (1-60)U/L; didn't have AST test.

thank you.
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Anna, muscle damage can increase both CK enzymes as well as liver enzymes; did your accident involve trauma to the body? That might explain both CK and ALT increase? Was there any cardiac involvement? This might very well be attributed to trauma:
Causes of Increased ALT

    * Hepatic inflammation (including infectious mononucleosis, pancreatitis, alcohol, viral hepatitis)
    * CHF and acute myocardial infarction
    * Acute renal infarction
    * Skeletal muscle injury”

Good luck, Anna--


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