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which dr is best?

I'm currently seeing a gastroenterologist that is 20 min from my house. Sometimes I wonder about him, and if I should seek a different Dr. I found a hepatologist who specializes in hep c at a hospital, but its over an hours drive one way. My question is this....how often during treatment do u have to go into the office? Once a month, once a week? If once a week, than an hours drive is just too much. Just curious what anyone suggests.
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I saw a doc twice in 24 weeks of tx, but went to the lab once a month.  I think it all depends on how you handle tx.  If things go wrong on tx you may need to see a doc more frequently. Driving can be a challenge on tx at least it was for me.  Good luck.
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I had this same dilemma. This is my 2nd round of treatment and both times I have chosen the Dr(close to home) that I am less comfortable with. But, having said that, I have a newfound confidence in my Dr. I just got out of the hospital with a bout of pancreititis.  My Dr really went to bat for me and did a buch of research, the ER Dr wanted to stop my treatment and I refused, I told him he would have to talk to my GI first. So, I am still on treatment and in week 6 myself of triple therapy with Incivek. Still waiting for my 4 week vl to come back
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My GI has two offices, one about 5 minute drive, the other about 15 minutes.  I've been in to see him I believe 3 times (maybe 4) during the first 20 weeks.  The next appointment is scheduled in January unless problems arise.

As James mentioned, if you have problems pop up the visits will be more frequent.  In my case, my ANC tanked and was referred to a Hematologist who I unfortunately need to visit 2x/week for a neupogen shot.  If your cbc's go low, either your GI or Hema will need to address that.  You might find out who that would be if you need to go that route.  Good luck.  
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I've been going in every 3 weeks and having blood work every 4 but I'm sure all docs have there own way of doing things. I agre with the others as well.
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This is my second round of treatment.  I'm seeing a gastroentorologist and a hepatologist.  I will likely end up seeing a hematologist as well as my white count really dropped the las time.   I didn't seen the doctor that often (every 3 months), but I was having blood work about every week.  I feel it's more important to see the doctor you are most comfortable with.  I know the drive can be killer (my hepatologist is 50 miles away in Chicago traffic), but I think it's worth it to get the care I feel is best for me.  In the end, that's what we all have to do.  
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I had been seeing a (crappy) gastro close to home.  I've opted to go with a hepatologist about the same distance you speak of, an hour.

I've had to go in once every two weeks for the past 6 weeks but after today, I'm down to once every 4 weeks.  However, I'm in a drug trial and I believe that is the reason for the more frequent visits.  My medications are dispensed 4 weeks at a time.  They have to ask me questions about side effects etc for the study.
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Well I guess the decision was made for me. My gastro is actually sending me to the hepatologist. The same Dr that I was thinking of trying! Funny how things work out.
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It's great that your gastro recognizes that seeing the hepatologist is best for you and advised you correctly.
Good luck,
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I drove 3 hours to a hep- C specialist, because even though I could have a local doc he did not specialize in hep C and I felt that I needed the best....
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