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why are we either to sick or not sick enough for helo

My liver is at stage 4 end stage and the doc what just a matter of fact about it. My ankles are so swollen I can't wear shoes. My legs are swollen along with my stomach. I wanted my Mom just to see her becasue I am getting worse but she doesn't want to see me. And now my husband wnats a divorce so he can leave the coutry and  not have to help me with living expenses. I feel like my world is crshing around me.
Have a lot of you had your spouse leave you?
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I just read through your back posts-it's a terribly sad story and you seem to have such a great spirit..
Are you getting treatment for the ascites and edema (fluid retention)?
Partners leaving is common with all kinds of chronic illness-it can be a rotten world.
I can only wish you as many good productive days as possible,and keep posting!
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Stay strong Steff, I wish you well.
Paul (uk)
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Change docs hun........You need someone more caring!!!!!!!! You are in my prayers
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Your situatin makes me want to cry.  When you say Doctor, do you mean a Hepatologist?  I can't imagine he or she abandoning you like this.  I am stage 4 and am now on the strictest of diets. No sodium-no fat. Very little meat.  I don't see the hepatologist again until the 21st of this month for a game plan. In the mean time I take a supplement called Hepatic aid-for nutrition and Lactulose to remove ammonia from my body.  My ankles and feet have gone down quite a bit (the swelling).  If you are end stage is there a reason why the Hepatologist is not considering putting you on the transplant list? As Ste65 said you need a caring doctor.  My prayers are with you also.
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I am really sorry to hear your story. You have a great spirit. Keep posting to let us know how you are.
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