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why peginterferon alfa-2b

The last test show AST 124, ALT 212, I will be starting treatment prescribed: Ribapack ribavirin tablet 400 mg & Ribavirin tablet 600mg dose pack # 56 tablets per month, and peginterferon alfa-2b inj kit 120 Mcg/0.5ml. My qustion is why peginterferon alfa-2b
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  Need more info on medical condition to truly answer, obviously you have elevated liver functions, do you have hep c ?
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Peginterferon alfa-2b is used alone or in combination with ribavirin to treat chronic hepatitis C, a viral infection of the liver.This medication reduces the amount of hepatitis C virus in the body and helps the body's immune system fight the infection.
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"My qustion is why peginterferon alfa-2b"
That is a very good question.  

Without researching I really don't know the difference between alpha-2a and 2b, but the end result in the following article shows a statistically higher SVR rate for 2a.  I would discuss this with your doctor to ask why and arm yourself with information/studies if you have a chance to research and print out the reports.  Maybe your doc prefers the Redipens over the syringes?? You might be able to change this prior to starting if there's a reason to consider changing to alpha 2a.  Maybe others have more insight to the differences between the two.  Best of luck.

"Results -- More patients in group A than group B achieved an SVR (110/160 [68.8%] vs 87/160 [54.4%]; P = .008). Higher SVR rates were obtained in group A than group B among patients with genotype 1/4 (51/93 [54.8%] vs 37/93 [39.8%]; P = .04), with genotype 2/3 (59/67 [88.1%] vs 50/67 [74.6%]; P = .046), without cirrhosis (96/127 [75.6%] vs 75/134 [55.9%]; P = .005), and with baseline levels HCV RNA >500,000 IU/mL (58/84 [69%] vs 43/93 [46.2%]; P = .002). SVR rates in groups A and B were not statistically different among patients with baseline HCV RNA ≤500,000 IU/mL (52/76 [68.4%] vs 44/67 [65.7%]; P = .727) or in patients with cirrhosis (14/33 [42.4%] vs 12/26 [46.1%]; P = .774).

Conclusions  --  In patients with chronic HCV infection, peginterferon alfa-2a plus ribavirin produced a significantly higher SVR rate than peginterferon alfa-2b plus ribavirin.


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Not sure of the question.  Is it you don't know why you need interferon or is it a question of Alpha 2a vs Alpha 2b. I have taken both.  I relapsed with 2a and was put on 2b the second time.  There are differences.  

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I have hep- c for along genotype 3 yes i read the article shows a statistically higher SVR rate for 2a. that is why i asked the question of Alpha 2a vs Alpha 2b at 7am i started with ribavirin tablet 400 mg- will take Ribavirin tablet 600mg  at 7pm not sure what time i should take peginterferon alfa-2b
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I'm the opposite of Frijole.  I did 2b first and failed treatment, 2a the second time.  Although successful it was not due to the 2a.  But, I found that the side effects were much less than 2b.
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