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Is anybody working while on treatment? Is it possible to work at a desk job while on treatment?
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Hi there, everyone is different, i personally could not do my job, but it was not a desk job, if it were i probably could of handled it much better. many people in here work so someone will probably comment here shortly. good luck, and don't give up.
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It's entirely possible to do an inside, non-physical job.  I worked 6 mos. of TX and had a lot of side effects.  I had an understanding with my boss that I would be using more sick leave sporadically.  I took off full days here and there on clinic days and days when my schedule permitted.  I was tired and pretty much crashed and burned on the weekends, but feel pretty sure that none of my work suffered and I sure am happy to have the paid sick leave and insurance.

If you decide to go out on extended sick leave, line things up but don't just take it automatically.  Wait until you really need it, since the way you feel can fluctuate during TX with your hgb and other side effects.
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Many many people have worked on tx. I unfortunately couldnt. My sx really started slamming me around 10 weeks into tx and I was barely able to shower. I went from the bed to the couch, and with a low HGB I was too winded to do anything. I did have better days here and there but just able to shower, shop for some food and get back on the couch....Not a pleasant 55 weeks..but if  had to do over again I would.
I knew what I was getting into before I started....I read alot, and got educated here on the forum. My hepatologist told me to get on a A/D because of the sx and that many people arent able to work.
However on this forum I know many that did work and functioned much better than I did.
THe way I looked without hair, the dry skin, and plaque in my head really could go far.
Being Im in SOuth FLorida I couldnt put a hat on either I would look very strange.
It was difficult.
I believe ( I could be wrong) my hepatologist advised me that 20% of people have no sx at all.
Charm :}
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I am working while on tx and I have an office job.  But, during the first 4 months, I missed a lot of work.  There were days I was absolutely miserable at the office and days I just couldn't make it in.  

I noticed some people here never miss a day of work.  Everyone is different.  ♫
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Ive been working 12hr shifts everyweekend at the hopital and 1-2 8hr shifts during the week since start of therapy. Im in my 6th week. Its tiring at times but I have no choice. I rest when I can and eat right. But so far I havent taken any time off.
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working for cheap airline as cabin crew so pretty hard on the feet and also pressurised cabin and less fresh air and work 50 to 60 hrs per week and been on therapy for 14 weeks
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I'm in week 41 of 48 and I'm still working full time.  My job is mainly a desk job.  I started treatment in September last year and I made plans at that time to use my accrued vacation days for the year to take every Monday off for the first few months.  I took my shots on Friday night and then went back to work Tuesday morning by using those vacation days one at a time.  Once my vacation days were gone for the year I went back to 5 days a week.  It's not easy but I am able to do it.
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I worked through all of my treatment. I am a teacher and with the little kids it is pretty tiring with no time to sit down. But I did it. I then did it again for the next treatment and did it through years of maintenance too.
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I have an office job at a Texas Workforce Solutions office as an employment counselor.  I talk to people back to back from 8-5 without a break trying to help them find jobs via computer programs and other means.  I'm at week 22 and have missed a couple of weeks worth of work (a day here and there) due to just being too damn sick and week to make it in.  I've used up my PTO and am into FMLA when I miss at this point.  I checked into STD around week 8 but it would only pay 60% of my regular income plus I'd have to pay my total insurance premiums myself.  All in all, I would not be able to afford it so I just suck it up and crawl into work doing my best to make it M-F.  I then collapse into bed until having to do it again the next week.  I'm a single father and have 17, 15 and 2 1/2-year olds to care for so nothing else is an option.
It's like Nike in that you "just do it."
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Thanks for the reply,I too, am a counselor. My employers understand what is going on and they have my support. I just worry about missing too many days. Even though I am salary,I don't like having to put my work on my coworkers.
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The worse you feel, the more you will get over that feeling of being irreplaceable essential personnel.  I have learned a lot from treatment and getting over that feeling was among the best of it.  Your work is not your life (a hard view for men); your work is what you must do to make your real life possible.

In another aside, I'm off now but I think I was actually a little happier at work.  You have to be self obsessed to get successfully through TX, but sitting at home can make you even more self-obsessed without the distraction of taking care of others at work. I'm still tired at home and don't sleep quite as well as when I was being worn out at work.
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I've pretty much worked through tx, but having just a desk job now and caring co-workers makes it easier. Some days it feels SO hard to get moving that I want to stay curled up in bed, but once I get there, I'm OK. The one thing I do now is take the time off when I need it. Even Dr. appointments mean a day off...no more of this half day stuff when the long drive and stress would do me in.

Knowing I HAVE to work is a good thing for me. I think I would be hard pressed to do anything during the day if I didn't have that schedule. Many days it's only work and home to the couch, but it keeps the bills paid.
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Hi - I did 48 weeks of tx and completed 5 years ago (SVR) and worked the whole time. I am now on week 18 for 3a (was reinfected through sex a year ago) and still working (office job). Everyone in my office is clueless so nobody knows - it's a small company. I find I have better days when I am working than on weekends since it gives me something to focus on. It gets harder as the side effects build up but luckily I only have 6 more weeks this round.

You have to see what works for you though and go with it. Good luck!
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I had very drastic sides but had to work all 72 weeks or I would have lost my job/insurance etc.  

Supposed to be illegal to do that but at this company it could have happened and I couldn't take the chance.

It wasn't easy of fun but I made sure to really REST on the weekends and at night and to take it as easy as possible when I could.  Somehow I did make it through and if I could...and I'm a big baby...you could too if you have to!  Just take it one day at a time and keep a positive outlook - that helps a lot.
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I worked through my 6 months of tx. I worked one on one with lil' kiddos with Autism Spectrum Disorder. I took my tx on Fridays so the side effects would be strongest over the weekends and took lots of rest. Mondays were hard but I just asked for help as I needed it there were days when I literally needed my husband to pickout my clothes and help me to get dressed so that I could conserve my energy for work. Asking for help was hard but an important piece of getting through tx.

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Its not easy that's for sure! I've been treating since November and I try to concentrate on each individual day. I take my shot on Thursday nights because that seemed to work best for me. I started on Fridays, but soon found Mondays were too difficult. Saturdays and Sundays are difficult even though the fatigue has lightened up. I have an hour commute each way and a full stressful day at a law firm. I've managed to do it so far without my bosses knowing although I'm sure they do wonder what IS wrong with me that I have so many doctor visits. Of course being lawyers means they don't want too much information. For many months I needed to rest after every effort. Shower, rest, get clothes, rest, dress, rest...you get the idea.

Good luck!
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Make sure you give a note to your employer from your doctor stating you have appt`s sceduled   im not sure if you have to tell the exact nature of the disease,but this way they willl have a hard time letting you go...it happened to me....i kept it all to myself because i had no sides...juts missing work for the appt`s....they fired me  beore i could do anything...i was in shock after i was fired and i still didnt go to the doc for letters and stuff...if i didi i may have still been able to ger my insurace exteeded,not sure how that works after being fired.....my point it to get that doctord note in to HR....to cover your A,,SS
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For me it was tough to tell my empolyer at the time....i kinda wish i did have sides ..this way i would have set up my time off becuase i would have no choice....its hard to prove ,but if an emplyer knows your seeing a doc on a regular basis and you dont give them a wrtten lettr from the doc....why not give you the boot?.....it will save them money

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I do drywll construction in phx az.Didnt miss a day of 48 week tx. 110 deg,and that was the brightest sunlight ever.Its a piece of cake now.
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