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year of discovery

In what year was Hepatitis C first found? I was diag. in 1990 or 91  I don't recall hearing about it in 1972 when I joined the Navy. Back in those days u got shots for everything, especially if u were deploied overseas. U were informed about stds but I don't recall HCV
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Circa 1989
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Before that,it was non-A non-B hepatitis.
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It's only an STD under rare circumstances.  In 1972 they knew there was another viral hepatitis out there, but they did not perform diagnostic tests to determine which hepatitis a patient was infected with.  They just didn't have the screening tests developed at that point.  HCV was not clearly identified until 89 or 90.  

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1992 they found it after I was diagnosed after years with chronic hepatitis.
That was the year they started testing for it.

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An interesting paper from 2004 discussing what had been learned in 15 years (i.e. HCV started being recognized as that in 1989 as per Andiamo above)

Paper also includes speculations - by 'reverse genetic engineering' - of human co-existence with the virus for the last 100,000 years.

Another paper discussing the 'patent dispute' over the virus between Dr. D.W. Bradley, who had been working with nonA/nonB virus since the 1970s, and Chiron corporation. This paper is a good starting point for understanding why everything related to HCV is so expensive.

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Although it wasn't named until around 1989, its believed many Vietnam Vets got it from the shots given in those days.
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