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yellow urine for 3 months

Hi all. Just wandering if anyone knew what a persons urine early symptoms of hep a, b or c would look like.

My urine is yellow, sometimes bright and sometimes and gets a bit darker when I dont drink.

It has never been tea or cola coloured.

Its just baffling me why my urine has been yellow for 3 mnths.

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No it is not a symptom of Hep c......  The most common cause for darker urine is dehydration. If one is cirrhotic and has a high level of bilirubin will cause urine to darken.
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Go get tested for Hepatitis A,B and C if you want to know if you have Hepatitis.  Everyone has yellow urine and it gets darker when you don't drink liquids.  

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Medication, vitamins and the food you eat can change the color of your urine.  
Vitamin B-12 really turns your urine bright yellow.  if you haven't gotten a immunizations for Hepatitis A & B - this might be a good time to get them.  Then you wouldn't need to worry.

Don't worry_be happy
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I found that when I first contracted HepC, the first signs were a darkening of my urine and lightening of my faeces. Then jaundice and other Hepatitis symptons came.
In the years to follow, when my liver was stressed, my body would sometimes emit an odour that was sweet and urine-like, and my urine would be dark and strong smelling, and my other back to being pale.
Now, I have realized that some people don't seem to show any of these symptons, but I DO know, that other people do.
But you say your urine is bright yellow. Sounds like your body is excreting something it doesn't need, like vitamin C or B for example.
And also, it doesn't sound like you have been tested for Hep A,B or C. I think you should.

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  I remember my urine having an ammonia smell, right before I treated, but for the first 20 odd yrs,my urine was normal.in color, unless I took a Stress B vitamin.  
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Thanks for your help everyone. =)

Doctor wont screen me for hep just yet.

started to get a slight pain near the liver area now.

doctor taken blood sample for thyroid kidneys and liver function.

also I dont seem to be eating very well lately. I dont kno if this is a symptom or just stress from worrying

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