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zoloft dose

i really don't know much about ads...i started 50 m of zoloft..then went to 100....then 8 weeks into tx went to 150 per day...i could feel the 50 but the doc said try 100...so a month before tx i was at 100...i didn't want to take any chances of going nuts from anxiety during tx...at 8 weeks doc says try 150...that lots of folks do 200...well i have to admit it did really affect me...made me much more sleepy..i wonder if i ever should have gone past 50...i'm thinking maybe the zoloft isn't helping everything and maybe making it worse...at least at 150....i think i might start to cut down tonight...by like 25 for two weeks then 25 for the next two weeks to get down to 100 in a month....see how i feel and maybe keep cutting it down to 50 in a couple months...i maybe mixing drugs that i don't have to and this might be making my sx worse...anyone else on zoloft? how much????thanks...billy
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It appears as if the drug prescribed to control your anxiety is actually causing you anxiety because you're stressing over the dosage you're taking.
That's an unintended and probably very rare side effect of the drug,

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I would cut back,but u have to do it slowly, and tell your dr first, if u cut.back.too much too soon u will definitely.feel it. Good luck
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Sorry you are having such a difficult treatment.  I see a bunch of posts from you most days.  You do a lot of speculating about what your blood levels are like and a lot of tweaking your doses and tinker around with your treatment a lot.  I think this might be part of the reason you are having such a hard time.  Triple therapy is new and I doubt any of us should be adjusting it ourselves. There just isn't that much information to go on yet.

I am reminded of the old adage, "A physician who prescribes for himself has a fool for a patient."

Anyhow, since you start this thread saying you don't know much about ad's I think you should not adjust your own dose.
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It took me ten seconds to google this therefore the Doctor must REALLY think you need this medication and I tend to agree with him, for someone with obvious panic disorders I would NOT go against the Doctors orders on this one without speaking to him FIRST.

Remember this is for people who are NOT on Interferon........that is the KEY here.

Zoloft DosageThe Zoloft dosage that doctors usually recommend for adults with depression or obsessive-compulsive disorder is 50 mg once a day. Although the starting dose for people with panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, or social anxiety disorder is typically 25 mg daily, healthcare providers often increase that dose to 50 mg daily.
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n Overview of Zoloft Dosage
The dose of Zoloft® (sertraline hydrochloride) your healthcare provider prescribes will vary, depending on a number of factors, including:

•Your age
•The medical condition for which you are being treated
•Other medical conditions you may have
•Other medications you may be taking.

****************As is always the case, do not adjust your dose unless your healthcare provider specifically instructs you to do so.***************************
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I found a bunch of people on a social anxiety forum who are on that much.......just google 200mg zoloft and you will see you are not alone.

"I've gone as high as 300 mg. I couldn't tell any difference between 100, 200, or 300 mg. Only difference is 1, 2 or 3 pills to take."
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billy.. AD "s  should always be discontinued by "weaning off them slowly "under a doctors supervision ,especially when taken at a fairly high dose .
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It was 50 for me.  Make sure you move slowly off that drug when you finish. I mean like 6 months would be good......imho
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Depending on which triple therapy drug you are on, there can be interactions with the ADs and it can reduce its efficacy. Go this site to see possible interactions: http://www.hep-druginteractions.org/interactions.aspx
But as many above have stated, talk to your doc before you start self-prescribing.

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thanks a lot guys...i am going to cut back 25 mil...to 125 and see what happens....i really haven't adjusted my meds much at all..stopped incivek 5 days early and reduced riba a couple times but only what the doctor said i should....before tx i did say to the doctor that i was concerned about anxiety..i had that bad when i stopped drinking...but did get over  most of it...so it was most likely my mistake to not look into ads and doses before i tx...live and learn....thanks all.....billy
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