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3 months and 18 days since EOT.

Picked up test results today and still UND. I am so glad, I have been a bit nervous this week waiting for these results. Another blood test three months from now and I am ALL done.

Geno type 1, Victrelis, Reba and interferon, treated 6 months. UND since week four.

Hang in there and ask lots of questions to your doctor and us.
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That is great news. You are well on your way to SVR. Congratulations!
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Congratulation,that's Great!!!
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yeah!!!!  so happy for you.  can't wait for your SVR post.  you'll be done for good.  best wishes.  belle
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Hooooraaay !
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Woohoo!! Well done Mo.  Big smiles to you.  :)
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Congratulations!  I know how you feel.  Checking the mail each day for my results.  Going to be hard to open them when they come.
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great news! keep up the good work, babs
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yaaaaay!  way to go!  i am so happy for you!  i get my 3 month blood draw this week...
so glad we're not alone in all this!
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Yes!!!  Time is flying by, and I know you are relieved!  
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very nice news this morning...have fun mo!...billy
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Excellent news Mo.! Enjoy and stay well..
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Mo, way to go.  Chalk up another for Victrelis.  I am sure you will never have to go through this again.  How is the recovery?  How is your hemoglobin?
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Congrats on the great news
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Excellent news!  Looking forward to the SVR report from you.
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Congratulations, that is fabulous. I am so grateful to all who come back to post their good (and encouraging) news!
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You must be feeling pretty great. Thanx for posting.

Curious, I'm on Vic and wondering what the minimum amount of food I can eat w/ pills. Any ideas?
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Congratulations, I know how it feels, just super!
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You go girl!!!
May you blessed with perfect health as you move on in life.

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Thanks everyone!!  Its important to post what life is life afterwards, I know it really helped me as I was making the decision to start treatment. I hope that something I said inspires that one person who needs it no matter what decision they make.

I will post again at 6 months then you will be done with me!!  LOL
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Don't go away after SVR....lol. I'm sure you can help new comers with what they will be wanting to know. Congrats, enjoy!!
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This is wonderful news God blessed u and may he continue  keep the faith.
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Congratulations!!  What a great joy that must be to hear those words after 3 months EOT.  Hope you are starting to feel better as each day passes and that life is good to you always!
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