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Wondering if  others exercise while on therapy, I'v been able to keep up my regimen of alternating between cardio and strength. still in the first week of therepay, feeling pretty good but....... Drinking over a gl of water a day.  this group has been so helpful.
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I am on my 4th attempt over the last 3 yrs. I worked out through 3/4 of the first attempt and stopped. I didn't work out through the 2nd attempt, but picked it back up  religiously before the 3rd attempt up until now. Granted this 4th attempt (all oral tx) is a cakewalk compared to the 1st 3 which included interferon.
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I know plenty of people who continue exercising while treating. There was a guy on another site that says he was training for a marathon...go figure, I can barely walk with the joint pain in my knee. (Does physical therapy count as exercise?) lol I wish I was able to be more active though...
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For the first few weeks I could still exercise. I tried to ride the recumbent bike and walked for a total of 20 to 30 min. per day. Once my severe fatigue set in around week 4, and my hemoglobin started dropping below 10, I rode the bike but kept my heart rate under 120 BPM as I didn't want to risk a heart attack. My heart was already pumping harder due to the lack of oxygen from low Hgb. and I'm a former smoker.

Now that my hemoglobin has come back up to 11 and I'm in my 21st week, I'm adding some light dumbbell work to try and prepare myself for the day I can workout hard again and replace some of the muscle lost due to lying on the couch 15 hours a day.
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I worked out ( weights) throughout my triple
"prana-sucking-feeling" therapy but I was in slow motion with my anemia. I also was less anabolic, i.e., able to build muscle.....I joke in earnest when I say my vanity usually defeated my anemia! I'm pretty muscular now considering I have cirrhosis and am nearing my late fifties (ouch)....I've been off tx. 7 months and am undetectable, i.e., mega-relieved! My posture on exercise was and is pretty simple: Neither wind, rain, snow, or Incivek: Just do it...My best. d
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i did 48 weeks of tx last year.  i went to the gym for cardio 3x/weekly the whole time.  i was doing low impact because i couldn't keep up with the rest of the class.  but i went and was better for it.  and yes, water is very important.  good luck to you.  belle
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I am a life long runner. This past treatment with incivek, I was able to run for the first 8 weeks, when the rash hit me, I had to stop. When the rash cleared, I started climbing a local peak that is about 1200 feet of relief in about 1.2 miles. I took me 26 daily tries to make it to he top, where I had been doing the same mountain twice to the top. I kept going anyway to stay in the habit and it ended up really helping. I am a month post treatment and already feel like I am running around 90% of where I was annd improving every day. It definitely helped to do what I could during treatment...Mark  
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I'm 28 on triple only starting victrelis tomorrow. I go to the gym like 3 days a week try to run 3 miles n do strength.  Keeps me sane haha.  I've been lacking motivation lately because of my lack of sleep but I'm forcing myself to keep going.
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Up through the 3rd-4th week of trt (SOC) I was able to continue cycling at an aggressive pace, doing rides 3-5 x per week, longer weekend rides of 50+ miles.  At around the 4th week I began to notice that breathing was more difficult and began to lose a little strength.  I backed off the faster group rides since I could no longer keep up, but continue to ride at a slower pace, about 25 miles a few times per week.  As long as I didn't push too hard I was fine.  And it always felt good to get out and get some fresh air and exercise.  It help elevate my mood and get through those gloomy days.  Since cycling is a low impact exercise, it was easy for me to continue.  I wouldn't suggest to suddenly start you because of trt since this new routine may not work for you.  

Don't be too surprised that as the weeks progress you may struggle to get motivated and feel enough energy to get out there.  Some days you'll feel fine, others not so good.  Take each day as it comes and don't beat yourself up if you need extra rest.  Taking care of yourself is most important.  
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I pushed myself to get out and walk every single day that I could. Somedays, like the one after my shot, I didn't make it far, other times I walked several miles.
Our bodies need to move, there is no doubt that movement is important for maintaining health, for our livers as well as the rest of our body.

Keep moving forward !
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Growing up and most of adult life have always been into gym, swimming, dancing and sports. Right now I have a small room full of gym eq that I don't really know if I should be using...so I haven't.  Have professional, not box store, grades of total gym, pilates machine, elip trainer, weights, pulleys and a ballet bar. And a beautiful set of golf clubs just sitting there.

Now all I do is walk and that can be a task in itself. I try for minimum of 2 miles a day and have 18 steps up and 18 steps down everytime I go out. Which is a lot because I have a 9# toy dog who LOVES to walk.  

You didn't say where your levels are or if you have any signs of HE. The following is good info given to me when I asked the same question::::::::

Walking and light exercise can be helpful. Don't over do it. Then you will pay the price. Be easy on yourself. Just do what you can.

WARNING: Exercise may increase the risk of variceal bleeding in patients with advanced liver disease (if you have have ascites or varices). Thus, check with your healthcare provider regarding the risks and benefits of exercise.
HE can also affect mood and makes us fatigued. Always be careful of going into a stupor and feeling drunk on our body toxins.

Hope this helps...I am ESLD stage 4...try to get through the tx....it will be over soon and then you can get yourself back to doing your normal exercising hopefully.  Let's just face it...there is no way around it...this disease affects our bodies...the drugs to cure the Hep C are aliens to our liver...give yourself a break....be happy that you can at least do the tx...there are many of us that can not...like me...liver too decompensated.

So get through it and if you live near my State I've got some primo exercise eq to sell.....LOL  
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yea im only starting my second week who knows how il feel in three weeks, right now no sfx
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thanks,,,,, u guys are awesome
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