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tackling HepC's image

On Fretboard's post below I mentioned how I wish there were more news concerning HCV and that it isn't just "that druggie' disease.  I wish there were a way to make people as aware of HCV as they are of AIDS".

I live in what's supposed to be a progressive county in a progressive state yet on the radio while announcing that HepC is the fastest growing infectious disease the health official spurted out that same old refrain, "it is usually acquired from IV usage." This statement makes most people think, "It can't be me, I've never done that."

I'm looking for  ideas on how to get our image changed while educating others about the true nature of HepC.
Lets find a way to wake people up!
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i am with you.... i was thinking of what:

Livestrong did for Cancer
Susan B. Komen had done for breast cancer
Alex's lemonade

Why cant we start something like that, i know we would need legal advise and people who are probally way more educated than me.  But sometime of Association for hep awareness....

There's needs to be education
Mandatory testing
Tx available to all

I am just unsure how to take on something like, but i would be willing to help if anyone has ideas!

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Yes We'd need to do PR.
I thought of bulletins that say " do you have or have you done any of the following....then list symptoms, ways you can get HCV and urge people to get tested. Or how about professional looking real people who say, I have Hep C.
Instead I see these characters who look dishelved, hookers or on drugs, on a Roche poster, urging people to get tested.

I think the gay community did an excellent job of educating people about AIDs and removing the stigma of getting tested. They did it with determination, organization and $$$.
Our problem is we are all scattered and just want to get our lives back.

Thanks for responding.
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So you still not taking the hairball idea seriously.....:)

I agree, maybe the fact that it hasn't been brought to the attention of the media by the people who get attention the most. When the woman who founded the Body Shop died, neither she or her family asked for more community help with HCV. I know she didn't die from Hep C. But in light of the fact that she was infected, and all the wonderful things she was able to do with her determination, position and fame, makes me sad that she didn't try to draw more attention to this problem.

I think any citizen could initiate a move towards the right direction in finding money and support for research, but I don't know anyone with that amount of time, energy, and motivation.

Except maybe.....you?...:) well, it can be done, we just need someone with a loud enough voice to be heard.


Hugs, love,
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Thanks bug but energy is NOT something I have much of, thanks to Hep C.

How about we brainstorm something that could be put on utube? Seems like the way to grab attention these days.

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I like your idea about having regular looking ppl on a Roche poster or something like that.  I don't know how to address this problem at all and I've given it a lot of thought.  We on this forum are united as we struggle with our daily lives with tx or whatever is going on with us.  The ppl who are stars seldom speak up about it, it's not like nobody has spoken up about it because there have been some ppl share their secret on television or wherever.  Stephen Tyler for one, Natalie Cole for another, and of course Naomi Judd for another.  Yes there have been ppl who have spoken up, but if you take the example that you used, the "gays promoting Aids" awareness, how did they do it?  They became one united front.  I've brought this up before because unfortunately nobody gets to pick how they get infected, but when us druggies end up with HepC we are frowned upon by others who don't know how they got it.  We are all infected and whether you got it from your dentist, hospital or whatever we need to unite.  I've mentioned this before and I had to take alot of flak for it, I'm not talking about this forum, I am talking about the outside world needing to unite.  Everyone on this forum is really fair and positive, and it don't matter if you slammed thousands of times or if you never did, you will always find support on this forum.  So how do we pull this off?  I think it has to start with the government admitting that this disease is very easy to get and alot of ppl who don't use needles get it all the time.  Now how are we gonna have that happen?  Those are the questions that need to be answered.  Unfortunately alot of television and movie stars get paid according to their popularity and they fear that if they support the HepC movement then their fans may think that they are infected.  What would be nice, and a start, is if movie stars and rock stars, sports giants, everbody at the top just started making public address commercials and promoting HCV awareness.  You would never believe how many ppl out there just don't know anything at all about HepC.  Anyone else with ideas please share, I really want to re-itteriate that I get alot of support from everyone on this forum and this is the only united place that I know of.  God Bless  
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Thinking.I'm just your reg. Joe.I never did drugs, have been married 30 yrs.Yet I have HCV.The Silent Killer.A picture of HCV Beast.Mascot.lying in bed and dreaming in his zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz a little innocent child or newborn being born, blood from forceps and mom.or carry it away guys.We Can Do This.We'll get a plan together and Go with It.We can each take Action in our own State, towns, etc. 911- My daycare children and I had a lemonade stand and sold 500.00 dollars worth in two hours.That was hard on me.I couldn't get the ice fast enough out of my frig.St.Louis Post Dispatch Paper came by,then one of the parent's matched our money.Fire dept. came to my home and the kids gave it to them.They came in the big red firetruck, sirens on and the children sang, Sweetie Pie.They stayed all day.Neighbors joined in.That's what this needs.Exposure like you guys said.Maybe a skit to start in churches, schools, etc.I seem to talk before I think so ?I'll help in any way I can.Good idea orphanedhawk !Nice to meet you.     Shaking hands across the world. Mascot in the center.I have heard over and over about HCV becoming a pandemic.If our picture was the world and people holding hands, the video could be people getting infected and being scrutinized or whatever till all the people dissapear.Silent Killer !
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