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10 days post treatment

Here I am 10 days post treatment already!  I thought the end of 48 weeks of treatment would never get here but it did ever so slowly and now time has a different speed to it - turbo speed - every time I blink another day has passed into post-treatment territory.

My first 2 days post treatment were horrible.  It was as if my heart was ticked off that it wasn't getting it's fix of interferon and riba so it was not NOT happy and retaliated by giving me palpitations that kept me close to the bed for those 2 days.

Once those two bad days passed, I have been quickly feeling better and better and getting more and more energy back.  I started by walking about a mile each day and then I broke out my bicycle (which I love to do) and I rode 9 miles on my first try and 9 miles again the next day...but obviously not at my pre-treatment pace.  Then, I broke out my rollerblades a day or so later and was able to do a 1 hour skate.  I'm so thrilled to feel life returning again though not yet at my pre-treatment level of life...but I feel it coming back day by day.  My EOT hgb was 10.0 so am very, very pleased with my progress with my workouts.

I might add that as soon as I had my last treatment day, I put in for 4 weeks of vacation from work to make physical and mental fitness my main focus and that's exactly what I've been doing.  I've also been getting back to my flower and vegetable gardening and trying to control a new pest in my garden (the Japanese beetle which seems to do nothing by eat and breed).

I still have blah days (or part of a day) and I still have skin issues (mainly behind my ears and in my scalp) but, since I had what I considered to be bad skin issues while on treatment, I am seeing steady improvement.  My hair...well, treatment did a job on making my hair fall out and there's been no growth yet.  Since I lost so much hair I can't tell if it's still falling out or not -- not enough left to bother monitoring.

Mentally I feel good, really no brain fog to speak of, but I am having some issues with sleep yet.  I can't seem to keep strange thoughts from flooding my brain and the thoughts seem to get stranger and stronger as the night progresses.  I was not on any anti-depressants or sleep aids during treatment so I'm hoping this sleep thing passes without having to resort to one or the other.  I did use about 6 Xanax a month while on treatment and I have a few of those left so I'm using one or so a week so that I can get at least one good night's sleep a week -- hoping that by the time they are gone my sleep will have improved.

So, to all those currently in treatment who might be feeling like they can't continue or who might be wondering if they will ever feel good again --- I hope this encourages you to continue and to keep your chin up because you will get to the end of your treatment and it will get better!
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10 days and already physical exercise!  That is great.  I'm going to do the same, regarding the vacation.  Something to look forward, thanks!
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I'm so happy that things are getting better for you post tx. I appreciate that you and others keep us up to date on post tx issues and progress. Years ago, it seems most info was tx based and now we see that sx don't always stop just because tx has.

Good idea on taking some time off from work. I've started pondering that too on the days when my sx are the worst. My gift to myself to continue healing.

I'm in awe of you biking for 9 miles 2 days in a row. WOW!! And rollerblading!!

Hope that things continue to get better and better for you.........Pam

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For give me if I plagiarized your post.  I didn't think I saw it at all, but perhaps I did read the opening line and it fired some neurons.  In any case, I am glad to hear that you are done and I wish you SVR!

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Yay Meakea!!!

So glad to hear you are feeling better.  

Thanks for your update.  Looking forward to hearing great things about you =)

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Wonderful! Way to go! Congrats on finishing and feeling better every day. It's a beautiful feeling isn't it!

Wishing you a big fat SVR!

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WOW your an flower artist and rollerblading too thats my kind of girl!! Are you free by any chance ???

I copy Andiamo and say glad your done with tx and wish you  SVR  ,good luck with everything!!

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Holy cow!  I didn't realize my original post was soooo long!  I must have had word overload at the time...haha.  Thank you all for your support.  

YuK:   It was hard for me to save all my vacation for the end of treatment because there were many days during treatment I would have like to have called in sick (because I was sick) but I pushed on and saved those days and I'm so glad I did.  Having these 4 weeks to put myself back together is priceless.  

Justme53:  I was kind of a fitness nut prior to starting treatment last year so my 9 mile bike rides and 1 hour rollerblading are actually a fraction of my pre-treatment workouts...so it's all relative.  However, if someone would have asked me at any moment during my 48 weeks of treatment if I thought I would be back on my bicycle or rollerblades within a week of EOT, I would have said "Hell NO -- not possible!"  Lucky for me it was possible.  

Andiamo1:  You didn't plagiarize anything...lol...it's just a "like minds" kind of thing.  I'm glad you posted your 18 mos post TX status -- I love reading about how and what people are doing post treatment.  Glad for your SVR!!!  I hope/pray for the same.  :)

Isobella and Marcia2202:  Yes, it's great to feel better -- and it doesn't take much to "feel better"  in comparison to during treatment.  I hope you both continue your "feeling better" march forward too.

comeagain/Jan:  You made me smile with the "my kind of girl" remark...thank you.  :)   I got hooked on rollerblading about 15 years ago and I entered a half-marathon skate race and finished the 13.2(?) miles in 55 minutes.  I continued those speed workouts for several years until one day a piece of debris from the trail got caught in my skate wheel just at the perfect angle to actually act as an instant and unexpected braking mechanism and I went flying through the air like superman and then landed flat on my outstretched body and skidded down the trail leaving my skin behind.  After I healed I gave up the super speed stuff...kind of.  
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