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12 months post coming up

Hi Everybody

Today I get my blood drawn for my twelve months post treatment. So far I've been UND and I hope I get no surprises this time around. My wife is having her liver function tests to see were she is at. She hasn't been treated yet. I hope she can hold out for the PIs. I know you all wish us both luck. I'll keep you posted as usual.

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Good luck chuck (what a great forum name)
I assume you were und at 6 months post, so you should be home free.
- Dave
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Good luck Chuck!  My fingers and toes are crossed for ya  ;)
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The cake is made... you're just waiting for the icing, that's all :).  I can smell sweet success ahead for you both.  Best wishes.
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Awesome.  Good luck.  I'm pulling for a UND!!!
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