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12 week labs!!

so lab wouldnt give me results before my doc talked to me..my doc didnt return my calls...called lab again and talked to someone else and they faxed the results.....
HCV RNA Not Detected

whoooooooop whooooooop!!!!!!  o yea!!!!   i just got a voicemail today after office hours from my doc....havent talked to him yet..will call tomorrow=)
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Congratulations ! We love those two words~ not detected !
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Congrats on being UND. It was horrid for them to make you wait so long for your labs. Maybe  they will fax or email you your labs so you can see what your Hgb is.

Again, I know this must be a huge relief for you and I am happy for you!!
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YEAH!!!! Congratulations on your report. Very nice news!
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thank you!!!  my Hgb was 11.5....is that good?
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yes....awesome....how do you feel energy wise?
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my doc called me today to say my blood counts are low and wants me to get more labs done....i do my shot on tuesdays...wed and thurs. are rough.  today i feel like poo...ran down.  but i work 2 jobs so maybe thats the cause.....
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Congrats Angel!  Great news
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When my count was 11.5 I was very tired. Some have much worse counts. I could not have worked 2 jobs, no way!! Congrats on the UND!!
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Congrats Angel.  And your Hgb is looking good, too.  Keep up the good work.  Tx is a bugger, but you'll get through it just fine.  
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So great...I'm so happy for you......keep on going gurly...
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Congrats on the und! Hope you get some energy back!
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