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1st Vacation EOT

I went camping with a friend in Sedona last week, was able to really get into reading since Tx, read 4 books in 5 days. Ears are still ringing, but felt great in every other way. Going to see the Rolling Stones tonight, row 39 on floor on Keith's side, really near to satellite stage. Sieze the day, I learned during Tx, have no time for things and people that suck the life from me.
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Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!   Leave those people behind.   Treatment is one inlightening experience.   Having Cancer produces the same effect.   Life is way to short to include negative people.

39th row will never be the same.   Have an amazing time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sweet!!!  Amen, Sista!
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Stones were great! Our fellow hepcer, Keith, looked good, has lost his poochey belly and his color looked good. They rocked the place. Am leaving tomorrow to camp at the Grand Canyon with my sister. Should be able to do 10 miles of hikes. Making up for no vacation last year.
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You go girl!!!!!!!!!
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Take us with you!  Sounds like a great time.  My Husband and I are planning a couple of days in Grand Canyon in July, if all works out.
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