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2nd throat infection in 2 weeks

Well I got it back again...feel like i have a steel pipe in my throat. Took antibiotics Jan 24 by last pill it went away completely. As of yesterday its back and what a doozy again. The hep doc said no need to go to ENT since its Riba and INF induced and PCP said same.

So what do I do keep taking antibiotics every two weeks? Ya think this will eventually leave?
I am somewhat panicked by it coz once again the pain is a 10. Both docs told me it was not a yeast infection in my throat just an acute infection due to meds which can cause this obviously.

Is there light at the end of tunnel here?
No other problems except extreme fatique which I know is normal.
Week 13 coming up.
Thanks all.
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I'm on the 8th or 9th round of antibiotics since starting tx, 61 weeks ago.  Mine is mostly sinus/throat/upper respiratory stuff and a nasty UTI.  Before TX I got frequent sinus infections, too - I'm on allergy meds  and injections as well as cipro, allergy meds, nexium, TX meds -

interferon and riba wreak havoc on the immune system.

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Thanks Wyntre. Sorry your going thru such an ordeal as well. I never experienced anything like this before. I guess Im abnormally "normal" then..under the circumstances.
Before tx I rarely got sick. Now.....this throat is so severe and twice in 2 weeks.
Well I guess from what you say I might have to get use to it. Have no choice.

Hope you feel better.
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Not sure if this will help, but some people use honey to sooth their throat.  You can try adding it to tea, or just taking it plan.  
Hope you feel better.
Ginger B.
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       If its not a yeast infection and the antibiotics helped, then why can't they give you some antibiotics again? Instead of sufferring!!
       With me it was different, the Yogurt fixed the throat problems and the antibiotics fixed the sinus problems. I hope you find something that works for this because I know it is very painfull. I had to take Vicodin for several days until I finally got a handle on it.
       I would insist on seeing a ENT. The worst that could happen is he doesn't see anything.
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Where the heck did my post go????????????

Sorry to you both. I'm @ to post on some wierd stuff since 3 days off Riba! (1 being throat)
When you have the throat problems, is your tongue brownish or whitish coated?
Real raw? I did get that a few times and nystantin oral (and that yogurt) helped it.

D*M Wyn, 61 weeks left? I have to go read your profile again!

Feel better ladies, LL
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My tongue is normal. My throat is red blotches.Feels like a horrible lump. Going to dr. today. Im in a horrible mood. lol

Be Good
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Thanks eevryone. I guess in 13 weeks 2 throat infections later that isnt thay bad.
All things considered. Right?
Just down on myself this weekend feeling like poop and having all this pain makes a person quite  irritable.

thanks for your thoughts
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Hi girlfriend! Your's is throat mine is bronchitis that won't go away without cipro. How did your 12 wk labs go. Did you get that 2 log drop? Feeling like **** too! Hang in there though! We're doing what no-one in they're right mind would do and making it by overcoming all obstacles. We can do this!

Luv Ya! Bonita
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