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Hello All,  Have been in a hurricane of life catch up since my last post at end of treatment. Hope everyone is doing well. I feel so much stronger. New hair is about 3/4 to one inch long. All blood work is normal or above where it was when I started. I have relaxed and rested a lot since the meds stopped. Am enjoying the peace and healthiness of my life more than I ever have. The virus has been undetected since week 4 of my treatment and got word today that at the 3 months post meds I am STILL UNDETECTED OMG, am so relieved! Did triple therapy that had some very tough spots but was MOSTLY was manageable. The kindness and support from this knowledgeable and compassionate site was key to the process. Thank you to each and everyone one of you. Hang in there all. The rewards are priceless.....
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  Whew-hoooo!!!  That is wonderful news, it seems like only yesterday, when we began this journey : )
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great news.
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That is great news. Congratulations!

I am sure you know that this means you have 99.7% chance for SVR if you are UND at 12 weeks post EOT. So the future looks very bright, indeed.
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nice going!...you did it!!
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This is wonderful news!!!  Glad to hear that you're feeling stronger and healthier!!  On to SVR!!
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Congrats! So there is a resting period after meds; now I don't feel alone.
Again, glad to hear you are UND.
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So happy to hear your great news!  Thanks so much for sharing!
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