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8 weeks post treatment~

Godd Morning All!!!

I just wanted to share that I finished treatment (triple with Boceprevir). My blood values are back to normal and I am getting stronger every week. I had my 4 week viral load blood drawn and they called 2 weeks later and said for some reason it wasn't done....so I have chosen to wait until 12 weeks.

I have not posted in a while as I have been trying to catch up at work....hard to beleive after the last year of Doctor's, blood draws and many days in bed that I am almost back to normal...

for those of you in the middle of treatment, please know there is hope:-)

I also wanted to thank everyone on this site for contributing to my journey and inspiring me...you all know who you are:-)

Thank you all!!!

I will keep checking back as I feel you helped save my life- Take Care~

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WOOO! HOO!!  I am so very happy for you, Man! This is great, news and bless you for sharing it.
Vann, thank you for the hope you send out to everyone.  Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing.
Take care
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Congrats Vann that is great news and very encouraging.  Please keep us updated!

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Great report on your progress. Such an encouraging post for all here. So happy that you have gotten yourself so far in your recovery. Best wishes and look forward to your next post. Take care :)
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It will keep getting better!! Now on to SVR!!
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Great news vannh! Glad to hear you are doing well.
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So happy for you!  Your post is very encouraging and am sending good vibes on your journey to SVR.
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So happy to hear you're doing well
May you have continued health and SVR in the future.

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that's awesome..
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