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A Family friend was kicked out of her house after


A family friend who is 18 years old now was kicked out of her home after her parents found out she had Hepatitis C. They are afraid she might pass on the hepatitis C to two other younger siblings and her parents. How could they do such a horrible thing? Ignorance, stupidity, etc. She is not even symptomatic yet.  My heart went out to this scared young adult.

She is homeless, broke and very scared! They don't want any contact with her for now. I feel so sad for her. She is trying to get housing medical and financial assistance to survive on for now. She doesn't drink any alcohol either.

Any suggestions for help for her. She lives in Seattle, Wa.

I am SVR for almost 5 years, genotype 1a. I still have post treatment problems, but I did clear the HCV virus.

Any suggesstions??

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Give me her folks address...I'll set them straight...;) I can't imagine being diagnosed and not having family support...Even if, by some chance she has been into drugs, or has been a "problem child" and they see this as an opportunity to remove her from the house...If you are a family friend, would they listen to you? Tell them that, with precautions, it is nearly impossible to pass on? Perhaps the family is centering on the "stigma" of Hep C and it being an IV drug user's disease. I had to deal with this myself in my workplace and the ignorance that went with it. At the time, I was as ignorant as they were and feared the disease almost irrationally. The weird thing is, -I'm a Paramedic...You'd think health care professionals would be different...Not so. I live south of you near Olympia...I'm sure there are resources she can access that can assist her until she is more settled. Have her contact Harborview Medical center -they have tons of contacts and resources, possibly may even refer her to a study at UW that can treat the Hep C free-of-charge...I feel for her and wish her the best...Good luck...~MM
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My God, people are F-cked.
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This is heart breaking. This is really bad. These people need to get educated about love and compassion and also about Hep C.

For one they are stupid and stupid and ignorant.
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