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A queston for Medhelp

I have been reading this forum for many years and posting for two.  I see a noticeable increase in deleted posts and the marked absence of many of the most helpful posters.  I had disagreements with some of them, but their absence is my loss.

Why are you doing this?  A forum can be moderated or not, but this forum seems  in between and uses arbitrary rules.

Most of us take mind altering drugs; we need guidance sometimes when we are out of line, but threatening and banning are not helpful.  This is a support forum for adults.   Sometimes we are so overwhelmed by the drugs that we do not behave as adults, but that is rare.  

If you apply arbitrary rules and let trolls post at will and you ban the people that complain about the trolls, you lose the respect of the forum members and you, medhelp, will lose in the end.

If you feel the forum has to be moderated, then supply a moderator that understands the forum and the problems of the participants.  
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Well said.  I agree wholeheartedly.

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Me too.
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I third the motion.

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I agree with all your points.
I have perused some of the other forums,one of which (not difficult to work out which) is totally dominated by trolls some of whom are obviously using multiple screen names.
Taking a tough line with trolls in the Hep C forum has quietened them down,as they don't post if they don't get attention.
I was shocked to learn that certain responsible people have been booted for shooting down trolls.
Let's get back on track!
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This is one of the reasons I don’t post much anymore. I have never been involved with any “Click” but have observed how they have ganged up on members and then reported the victims to M.H. when they retaliated after being provoked. This resulted in losing some great assets.
It saddens me because I know for a fact that me and several other members would not have made it through tx if it was not for this forum.
I agree we need a moderator but it would have to be one that has been through tx and has an unbiased cool head.
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I agree with all of the views expressed her.
This forum helped save my life and I know that, if it had been like it is now when I was in need, I wouldn't stayed and benefited as I did. I would have been in deep trouble.
I too have been reluctant to post much lately for the reasons already so eloquently expressed.
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