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All Over. Tx Stopped

Hi Guys:

Dr. Gish stopped my treatment today because my beloved internist just discovered that the kidney stone they found in my right kidney in October, described as too big to move down the ureter (1 cm although it's not the prize winner on our board) has moved into my ureter and I have hydronephrosis as well. Hurts like hell. I had normal kidneys with no stones prior to starting tx.

Gish said, that's it. He's more worried about a serious infection or losing the kidney than about relapse and that relapse chance is very small now at 42+ weeks, in my case.

So i said when do i stop the riba? He said, you took your last dose this morning.

So i'm done.

But I also have to have this crushed...AS SOON AS POSSIBLE per Gish, and I have the oxycodone prescription from heaven to help with this pain and something called Flomax?

I've been UND since week two.

It's been a wild ride.


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from one disaster to another, i hope it lets up on you soon.
now that the big insult is over things should settle out.
the treatment sure didnt like you did it?
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so sorry to hear of your troubles - gone Kidney stone, gone! this will all be over soon for you, glad it is...be well...
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Hopefully this will give you some relief. Take care.
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O’ darn, the park bench will never be the same and was hoping others in the same beginning time frame would be at the end sounding off in victory; if not, for finishing the treatment course and IF we were all the same this might hold true but unfortunately these meds reek havoc on our various systems which inhibits us from that victory bell at the end, but hopefully had stayed the course long enough to achieve victory in spite of our more important health issues and over all well being. Deb, good luck with the kidney stone and may your spirit ring the victory bell for you.

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good luck on getting back to the living again.
Wish you well.

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I had lithotripsies done to both kidneys a few years ago to get rid of kidney stones - as you already know, the word "pain" doesn't begin to describe what you feel! But once it's done it's done.  

You might consider drinking unsweetened pure cranberry juice daily from now on (I dilute mine 50% with water) to help prevent future stones.

Crossing my fingers for you for SVR - take care.
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Congratulations on finishing.  Good luck with the rest of it.  Pleasant thought, taking your last riba.
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Don't worry right now about the hepatitis.  Just try to heal.  
Be well,
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Deb you done well...with this pain God knows how you even kept on treatment this long. I'd say you are SVR already and just done so don't even sweat it. UND since week 2 - you ain't gonna get better than that anywhere.

I had kidney "gravel" (little tiny stones) when I was in my 20s and I remember it hurt more than anything! so I can't imagine (shuddering) what that pain is like for you right now. Thank GOD for the oxy's!

The hep is done and over so just worry about getting rid of this stupid thing.  guess what? You are going to be feeling great by the summer...ain't that going to be FANTASTIC!

ALL of my luck to you!  Deb
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Sorry Deb, but I'm glad you're finally off the drugs. "Flomax" is a muscle relaxant to help with urination.

-- Jim
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As to the oxycodone -- if it wasn't alread,  you will want to run it by your urologist as  oxycodone potentially can do the opposite of Flomax, i.e. make urination more difficult. That's not to mean you shouldn't take it, just run it by whatever specialist who is treating you for the stones because you want to treat this thing correctly.

-- Jim
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You did well to gat to 42 given all the problems. I would bet heavily that you will hold SVR. Now be good to yourself and start healing. Peace.
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