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Alternative therapies?

Am heading off to thailand to indulge in meditation, yoga and poss liver cleanse etc.. What are people's experinces of alternative therapies?? Has anyone been cured??
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I did a 3 month trial of sho-saiko-to with some pretty good results...No cure, but I had way more energy, my liver enzymes normalized and my viral load stayed under 163,000...I was also doing milk thistle and soya lecithin...If I was a nonresponder to tx, I would heartily recommend and use it...A person is not supposed to use it while on conventional tx..(By the way, the Japanese haver been using this for their hepatitis tx for a long time..)...Something else I tried just before tx, was elemental germanium...It has been used to cure cancer tumors in animals, but is not approved yet for human studies...One dose brought my viral load down to 16,000 at 5 days after the admin...Good luck! Keep in mind that in the asian countries, leaded fuel is still used and it gets into the herbs...Buy stuff from reputable places...Good luck...
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