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Ammonia levels

Has anyone been told that you have high ammonia levels from Hep-C?  If so, please tell me the common side effects and if you use Lactulose for treatment.  I am interested in hearing about headaches that you may have from the disease or treatment.
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High ammonia levels lead to brain fog. I used 2 amino acids (arginine and orthinine as suggested by Dr. H. Clark in her book on HIV, only one page was about HCV).
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Thank you, I will look up the book and ask about the amino acids
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Thank you, I will look up the book and ask about the amino acids
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I take enulose, which is the same thing.  High ammonia levels can lead to coma and death - nothing to play around with.
I think perhaps your headaches are from the ammonia level being so high.  It is a by product of meats.
The sides are flatulence and very watery excretions because the lactulose draws fluids into the colon.
I don't believe you'll get headaches from the lactulose, but it will clean you out !

Caveate ~~~ be carefull if you need to fart, often more comes out than just air.
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Don't have hepatitis ,but do take lactulose for high ammonia levels.I've been taking it for almost a year. I've never gotten any headaches from lactulose.     I do take L-Ornathane I get it at the health food store. Not sure what it is supposed to do but I'm trying. It's taken me this long to regulate the lactulose so I don't get sudden urges. But the gas is still bad. Can't take meds for that because they interfear with my other meds. Good luck. cat33
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Forgot to let you  know if you forget a dose or two . For example if you go somewhere without. You get encepalopathy (brain fog). You for get things. Can't speak clearly or make sense. So don't forget to take it.
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